VISOCALL IP installation made easy

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Estimating an electrical installation is a difficult and cumbersome task, our electrical contracting clients can therefore be forgiven for sometimes looking only at the bottom line. However when evaluating nurse call costs a little attention to the installation costs and hidden extras can make all the difference.

Whilst the costs of fully IP installations are equivalent and quite often lower than their bus counterparts, contractors should also be aware of the significant installation savings over bus- based systems. Take a look at the images above; figure A is a picture of a recent bus-based system in Ireland (which incidentally claims to be an IP system). Figure B is an image from a recent VISOCALL IP installation. Both are for room terminals at bedroom entrances. As we can see the bus system will be extremely time consuming and expensive to install not to mention all the special cables available only from the nurse call manufacturer. The bus cables will inevitably result in a large number of faults at commissioning whereas the CAT5 is easily tested reducing costly fault finding and rectification. All VISOCALL IP systems are wired completely in CAT 5e and all end devices are POE not so our competitor bus based systems where devices require power and signal. When an IP component is damaged it’s a simple plug and play replacement not a cumbersome rewiring which requires a call out for the nurse call engineer.

Almost all modern inpatient healthcare facilities offer television and radio. Traditionally with a bus system this means an additional set of infrastructure separate from the nurse call system, generally this is a data outlet behind the television with a full data network behind it. However, with VISOCALL IP the television and radio signals can “piggy back” on the nurse call network meaning a significant saving on the data installation. Should the specification require a telephone function at the bedside the savings are even greater. By connecting the IP PBX to the nurse call server each patient handset can be assigned an IP address meaning patients can use the handset as an IP telephone. This also saves on nursing time as families can call directly to a patient room without tying up nursing staff to route the call. One example where this functionality will be utilised is the National Children’s Hospital where the first phase at Connolly Hospital has already been handed over with VISOCALL IP.

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