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Smart Lighting Control from Tamlite offers businesses a quick and simple route to long-term energy efficiency...

Tamlite designs and manufactures luminaires for a wide range of applications.

The debate about the future of the workplace has only intensified throughout the Covid-19 lockdown. From warehouses to offices, employers have needed to assess the workplace to provide the best environment for their staff, but now is the time to have one eye on energy costs and staff productivity.

The UK Green Building Council states that 80% of the buildings that will be in use in 2050 have already been built, indicating that achieving a net zero carbon economy cannot come from new buildings alone. The change must start with our current warehouses, factories and offices.

A cast-iron way to deliver significant energy savings for any workplace environment is to look at the lighting. Accounting for up to 35% of energy consumption within a business, this fundamental building service can be a quick and simple route to long-term energy efficiency.

The Future of Smart Lighting
The switch to LED lighting has long been a sure-fire way to reduce energy bills in the short term, however the real benefits come from the use of controls and smart lighting networks.

At its most basic, lighting controls offer more for modern offices and warehouses. The switch to LED can deliver energy savings in excess of 60%, while the use of lighting controls could offer 60% on top of that. Controls such as PIR movement sensors, daylight harvesting and timed events are some examples of ways in which LED lighting can have its time of use automatically managed, to dramatically lower energy consumption. With payback often being achieved in only 2-3 years, the long-term benefits of high-quality lighting controls are evident.

However, far surpassing the benefits of these simple lighting controls is wireless smart lighting. Integrated wireless nodes are designed into each luminaire, with these nodes capable of wirelessly receiving instructions on when to switch on the light, for what amount of time, and in the context of what external environmental conditions.

Lighting for Wellbeing
The rule of thumb in any commercial business is that 1% of costs come down to energy, 9% down to the use of space and running the building itself, and 90% is linked to people and their productivity. The financial benefit for employers who look after their staff, whether in an office, warehouse or industrial environment is clear to see.

Smart lighting champions the use of scene setting in modern buildings. Facilities managers can create a number of lighting “scenes”, which can be tuned to people’s specific requirements. In the current workplace, automated lighting controls remove shared surfaces, an issue which has been highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic, but is something which will surely be a consideration for employers and staff going forward, as public health continues to be in the community eye.

Tamlite designs and manufactures luminaires for a wide range of applications. From low glare luminaires for office buildings, to high output fittings with outstanding optical control in warehouses, Tamlite delivers solutions designed to minimise energy consumption and improve worker wellbeing.

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