Starlite introduces its ‘connected’ range

Tamlite lighting has partnered up with WIZ Connected to launch the Starlite connect range

With a combined 50 years of industry experience, Tamlite and WiZ Connected make a formidable pairing when it comes to smart lighting. Their new range, Starlite Connect, is set to offer customers a new experience in home lighting. The easy-to-install products will modernise any home, creating an ambient setting to suit every mood and need. The products sync directly to users’ phones, tablets and voice assistants, including Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple Siri, without the need for an additional gateway or hub. Using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, connection is quick and simple and users can get creative with their home within 30 seconds.

As would be expected from an experienced lighting manufacturer, Starlite Connect downlights, bulbs and LED tape have all been designed with installers in mind. No smart system training is required to set up the Starlite Connect system. With a simple product design and no hub to install, electricians can fit the luminaires in the same way that they fit standard fixtures and the commissioning can then be done post-installation by the user. Starlite’s 24-hour tech support allows customers to raise any commissioning queries with them, instead of returning to the contractor. Starlite allows contractors and electricians to make their first foray into the smart lighting industry, without the need for additional training, providing the ultimate “fit and forget” solution.

Starlite Connect lights come with an option of either Tunable White, which provides an impressive 64,000 shades of white, or RGB, which can offer an astonishing 16 million colours to choose from, in a variety of combinations, allowing users to light their house exactly how they want to. Through the WiZ Connected app, users can set scenes as desired, timings as required and explore the wellbeing setting with the circadian rhythm mode, which matches the lifestyle or natural rhythms of occupants to provide comfortable living conditions and a perfect night’s sleep for them. With holiday mode, you can protect your home whilst you’re away using your lights – by tricking potential burglars into thinking someone is home! Starlite Connect works with IFTTT (If This Then That), allowing the lighting in the home to work with other connected devices, creating an immersive environment that is brought to life by the lighting.

IFTTT works with other connected devices, for example: your phone, your doorbell, your smoke alarm or the heating system. It can change the light colour to red for an emergency, blue for when the pizza arrives, or a tailored lighting scene ready for when you get home. With Starlite Connect and WiZ Connected, anything is possible.

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