Over 20,000 ECS cardholders sign-up for Electrotechnical Certification Scheme

The Joint Industry Board (JIB) established ECS Registered Electrician status to recognise those who are not only working at the industry-recognised Level 3 standard.

Registered Electrician cardholders can gain an endorsement for their professionalism and skills, stand out amongst their peers and get a valuable boost to their status and credibility.

For electrical contractors, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate that their electrical workforce is up-to- date on the latest industry technology developments and is committed to maintaining this level of professionalism.

Steve Brawley, JIB Chief Executive, commented: “I am very pleased at the success of the ECS Registered Electrician status. Our cardholders have shown their appetite for demonstrating that they hold the latest edition of the Regs and we must congratulate them for raising the bar.”

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