Let OptiLens light the way

Ventilux introduce an innovative 3W recessed luminaire with superior performance...

OptiLens was designed and manufactured at Ventilux Ireland’s headquarters in Bray.

Utilizing the latest in lens technology, Ventilux has produced the ultimate in unobtrusive, yet highly-effective emergency lighting.

Designed and manufactured at Ventilux’s state-of-the-art facility
in Bray, OptiLens is a custom LED downlighter that offers greater lighting performance and dispersion, yet requires fewer fittings than equivalent industry 3W LEDS. In this case, less really is more.

With purpose-built interchangeable trim attachments to suit any application, OptiLens is the latest product from the Wicklow-based company that has grown from humble beginnings in 1986 to become the largest independent emergency light manufacturer in the European and Middle Eastern markets.

The OptiLens custom LED downlighter comes complete with both escape route (Asymmetrical) and open area (Symmetrical) emergency lighting applications as standard. Slashing the required number of emergency luminaries, and in turn radically reducing the overall electrical power consumption – OptiLens is not only competitively-priced, but also highly cost-effective.

What really catches the eye is OptiLens performance. Market-leading distribution of light is matched only by the quality of what emits from these aesthetically subtle LED downlighters. BSI Kite Marked to EN60598-2-22, OptiLens is a 3W CREE LED with a lamp colour of 4500K and 180 lumens in emergency. The lamp head itself has a 50mm diameter and is made from flame retardant polycarbonate plastic. The remote bag is silicone-coated fibre glass. The self-contained batteries are 4.8v 4.5A/h Ni-Cd.

In addition to the product’s impressive performance, the OptiLens is also easy to install:

  • Simply drill a standard 1.5” (38mm) hole
  • Feed the mains cable through the ceiling and connect into the remote bag
  • Insert the remote bag into the ceiling cavity, leaving the OptiLens cable hanging
  • Attach OptiLens into the remote bag and, holding the springs in an upright position, insert into the ceiling

Ideal for recessed ceiling mounting, OptiLens is suitable for temperatures between 0 and 30 degrees centigrade, and is available in self-contained versions and in two colours (black and white).

The OptiLens pack comes with an OptiLens 3W LED fitting, one Escape Route trim and Asymmetrical downlighter, an Open Plan trim and Symmetrical downlighter, a battery module pack, and installation instructions.

The Optilens utilises the latest lens development to provide market leading uniform light distribution for both escape route and open area emergency lighting applications, reducing the number of required emergency luminaries and radically reducing the overall electrical power consumption.


  • Supplied with both asymmetrical and symmetrical lens.
  • Suitable for recessed ceiling mounting. Suitable for temp range – 0°C to 30°C.
  • 3 way shrouded plug/socket mains connection.
  • 220mm ceiling void compatible.
  • Ceiling cutout – 38mm (Standard Self-Contained).
  • Ceiling cutout – 50mm (N5XP/ DALI/ Auto Test Versions).
  • Dimensions of remote pack – 30mm dia x 480mm.
  • Available in Surface Mounted version.

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