JIB launches ECS Registered Electrician status

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Operated via the ECS card scheme, the new Registered Electrician status for electricians who hold ECS cards in Northern Ireland, England and Wales. will be available to all ECS Installation and Maintenance Electrician cardholders who are qualified in the current (17th) Edition of the BS7671 Wiring Regulations.

This new status has been introduced to raise standards across the industry and recognise electricians who are qualified to NVQ Level 3 and the current British Standard for electrical installation. Registered Electrician cardholders will gain a well-deserved endorsement for their professionalism and skills, stand out amongst their peers and get a valuable boost to their status and credibility. For electrical contractors, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate that their electrical workforce is up-to- date on the latest industry technology developments and is committed to maintaining this level of professionalism.

ECS Registered Electrician applicants must already meet the criteria for an ECS Installation or Maintenance Electrician. They must also hold the current edition of the Wiring Regulations and, finally, they must agree to a Code of Professional Practice, which includes a commitment to Continuing Professional Development.

For existing Installation or Maintenance Electrician cardholders, there is no additional cost involved in becoming a Registered Electrician. A new ‘virtual card’ showing their Registered status will be offered to all current cardholders. This will be downloadable to a smart phone at no extra cost. As an option, the applicant can order a Registered Electrician card at a discounted price if they would like one.