Introducing PHASE power units by Office Electrics: your compact power solution

In an era where connectivity is paramount, PHASE power module stands as the uncontested champion. 

Don’t be deceived by its compact form; PHASE is a veritable powerhouse, offering a comprehensive solution for your power, USB charging and data connectivity needs. Whether you’re in the process of outfitting a new office space or redefining your existing workspace, PHASE brings versatility and simplicity to seamlessly integrate power into your environment.

Compact and powerful

PHASE is a mini powerhouse designed to deliver discreet yet convenient power. This unit can be effortlessly configured with the class-leading TUF-R USB charging solution offering both USB-A and UBS-C ports in a patented replaceable canister, ensuring PHASE remains aligned with technological advancements. For those who seek high-power solutions, the TUF-HP variant brings 60W USB-C laptop charging into play, eliminating the need for bulky charging adapters.

Effortless installation

PHASE is engineered for simplicity. With a concealed mounting bracket and a thoughtful design that allows for optional rear or base cable exit, installation is effortless. You can set up PHASE with ease, regardless of where you require power. It can be discreetly mounted below your chosen surface, becoming an integral part of your workspace. Alternatively, you can opt for installation above the surface on the desktop edge, ensuring that PHASE is always at your fingertips, ready to power up your devices.

Aesthetic excellence

Offering the best of both, PHASE’s robust body reflects the high-quality structure of the unit but is complemented with smooth radius edges, adding a touch of sophistication to your space. Available in alluring all-black or elegant white/grey finishes, PHASE is a power unit designed to be both practical and visually appealing, seamlessly aligning with your interior design.

PHASE transcends being just a power solution; it’s a symbol of versatility, style and adaptability. With discreet installation, choice of finish and limitless configuration options, it’s the ultimate answer to all your power, USB charging and data connectivity requirements. Whether you’re overseeing a bustling office or crafting a tech-savvy workspace, PHASE will power your project with unparalleled ease.

If you’re in pursuit of enhancing a workspace without compromising on form or function, the choice is clear – it’s PHASE.

To learn more or place an order, and transform your workspace into something extraordinary, contact the Sales Team:

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