How to save energy without losing comfort

As the heating season starts, Rointe offers a short guide to help you get the most out of their radiators...

Save energy without losing comfort.

Rointe are dedicated manufacturers of energy efficient heating systems that provide comfort to thousands of homes throughout Europe. Here’s how your customers can get the best out of our radiators – saving energy without losing comfort.

Set the temperature between 18 and 21C The basic level of warmth required for a healthy, well-dressed person is 18C. Ultimately the purpose of your heating system is to keep you warm during the colder months, but for most people, we recommend a healthy range between 18 and 21C depending on your needs. Reducing the temperature by just 1C can reduce your heating bill by up to £85 per year.

Don’t cover your radiator

Our radiators dissipate heat through a perfect combination of natural air convection alongside radiation. If the radiator fins are covered or an object placed in front (like sofas, wardrobes, cupboards etc.), this will interrupt the flow and prevent warmth circulating.

Proper programming

We would recommend programming them to be on for three- to four-hour bursts, under 21C, three times a day (morning, afternoon, evening or the times to best suit your needs) with the anti-frost setting in between.

This means your radiators are on for a maximum period of 9 to 12 hours a day total at a constant, comfortable even heat. When you’re not in the property the lower anti-frost or Eco setting is active, which will help save you energy and money.

New User mode

Throughout the day, our thermal needs can fluctuate and change according to the time. That’s why our radiators have a new feature, User mode. It’s ideal for installations carried out in public places such as hotels or schools, allowing users to modify the temperature of the product within a limited chosen range.

Turning off your radiators when not at home

Turning off your heating when you’re not going to be around may sound like an obvious and simple factor, but it’s surprising how many of us heat empty rooms in a property or ones that don’t need it for a long period of time.

Smart controls are a great way to help you manage your energy consumption by heating the rooms as and when needed. The possibility of controlling your products through your smartphone opens a wide range of possibilities to increase the energy savings of your heating installation.

With our D Series range with smart controls, you can turn your radiators on or off at home while commuting or turn your water heater off when abroad if you’ve forgotten to do it before you leave.

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