Greenlee Shear 30T. Improve Precision. Increase productivity. Improve safety.

The Hydraulic Strut Cutter by Klauke offers the perfect strut cutting solution for your site; with your employee’s safety in mind

Clean. Desaturate, if needed.

Greenlee has made steel strut cutting on construction sites safer and more efficient with their Shear 30T Hydraulic Strut Cutter.

Mounted on a mobile trolley for easy use across your site, the 30T allows for a more efficient workflow for your employees and its improved design also protects them. By eliminating the hazards associated with traditional cutters: blades, rotating discs, sparks and distracting noise, your employees can continue working at maximum capacity knowing they can rely on their safety. With a controlled hydraulic shear, burr- free cuts are produced accurately and quickly. The shearing action wipes galvanic coatings across the newly cut end to aid corrosion protection. Now powered by a compact battery-driven 700 bar hydraulic pump unit AHP700L, there is no need for separate site power and dangerous trailing leads. The Shear 30T offers the perfect safe site strut cutting solution that will benefit your construction site, your employees and you.

If your site could profit from the Greenlee Shear 30T Hydraulic Strut Cutter, see the contact details below for more information and to request a demo.

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