Flexibility comes in threes: new range of LED strips and accessories

A new system of ultra-flexible LED strip lighting and accessories from LEDVANCE covers a wide variety of needs and applications...

The new LEDVANCE LED Strip Lighting.


From upgrades of existing lighting to new installations, the new portfolio of LED strips from LEDVANCE offers huge potential. With three different categories, the range offers wholesalers an extensive choice of LED drivers, profiles for surface or recessed installation, covers and other accessories.

A new LED Strip System Configurator allows installers to easily plan small to large projects to suit diverse applications. A detailed list of parts displaying the easy-to- combine components is provided by the intuitive system once basic project data is entered. This makes it simple to tailor each individual project and achieve a broad spectrum of exciting possibilities.

The three categories are: Superior, Performance and Value, available in a large number of colour temperatures and lumen packages from 300 to 2,000 lumens per metre. To save time, the strips are pre-wired on both sides and can easily be shortened if necessary.

They also all come as protected and unprotected versions, in other words with or without a silicone jacket for protection against dust and water.

The TÜV-certified strips in the Superior category are particularly suitable for demanding lighting installations in large buildings. In places such as corporate offices, upmarket hotels, shopping centres and museums they offer an impressive colour rendering index (CRI) of over 90. The 140 LEDs per metre provide a homogeneous light output and distribution across the entire strip length and an extremely high lifetime of up to 60,000 hours, and a five-year guarantee.

Also TÜV-certified, the Performance category is characterised by a high lifetime
of up to 35,000 hours. With a
CRI of 80, it delivers good colour rendering and is suitable for medium-sized office buildings, schools, restaurants, bars and shops. A guarantee of three years is offered for the LED Performance strips.

The products in the Value category are all-rounders, with a very good price/performance ratio for lighting applications in the entry-level segment. They also have a CRI of 80 and a lifetime of up to 20,000 hours. Thanks to these properties, they are a good choice for indoor spaces such as smaller offices, guesthouses, private premises, as well as appropriate outdoor areas.

Installers will find all the component accessories they need for easy installation and smooth operation. These include LED drivers in various versions for the respective categories, with or without IP protection, and with or without dimming function. There’s an extensive range of profiles, including versions for different installation types – open or with a bezel, for ceiling or wall mounting. Also included are: feeders, connectors, end caps and mounting brackets.

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