ECS Card – Confidence and competence

Renew your ECS Card and highlight your competency level...

ECS card.

Did you know your ECS card can now be used as part of the Licence to Practise (LtP) requirements in Northern Ireland? This means you no longer need to pay for other registrations to access public sector projects and companies are saving money too. If your card has expired or if you have got less than three months left, then it’s time to renew – and it’s never been easier. If you haven’t done so already you will need to register for a MyECS account.

You will need to renew online via MyECS and you can track your renewal progress from there. Go to and find the MyECS section. On MyECS you’ll see any specific messages relating to your card such as new criteria or if you need to renew with an ECS partner organisation.

Employers can also apply or renew on behalf of their employees through the ECS Employer Portal. This service is free to access and there are almost 3,000 contractors using this UK wide to manage their workforce’s ECS cards, qualifications and health and safety awareness.

To check that you meet the Health and Safety requirements for your card, you can either take the ECS Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment, or you may be exempt from taking the ECS Assessment if you already hold or are taking a separate qualification for your specific card.

More and more clients and contractors are recognising the benefits of ensuring they have qualified workers on their jobs and raising standards to achieve competence.

Using the ECS Check system, which is now recognised as a Licence to Practise (LtP) system in Northern Ireland under Procurement Guidance Note 01/16, public sector bodies and contractors can verify that ECS cardholders are qualified to the required level for the job, prevent individuals slipping through the net using fraudulent or forged certificates and monitor compliance through a handy smartphone app when on site.

In helping to promote a safer working environment and raise employment standards, ECS Check plays an important role in establishing the highest levels of on-site competency in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To find out more about ECS Check visit, email or call 01322 661622