Driving EV Charging in Ireland

Kellihers Electrical have been quietly driving innovation, choice and value for EV customers across Ireland...

Kellihers has developed its EV product offering and honed its expertise to deliver exceptional value to customers.

Kellihers Electrical has always aimed to bring the newest solutions to Irish trade customers and stay ahead of the competition, without compromising on quality, availability or value. It’s a strategy that sees Kellihers leading the field in many areas of the industry.

“We are constantly looking at the market with a view to offering innovative new solutions to our customers,” said Brian Sugrue, Marketing Manager with Kellihers Electrical. “Our position as Irish market-leader and strong international links as part of the Rexel Group, gives us a unique perspective on market trends. That allows us to partner with exceptional suppliers and means we’re often the first wholesaler to bring exciting new products to the Irish market.”

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging is a prime example. In a short space of time EV Charging has become one of the Electrical Wholesale industry’s biggest buzzwords. The surge in popularity of electric vehicles, coupled with the certain knowledge that demand for EV charging products is set to grow exponentially over the coming years, has wholesalers in Ireland scrambling to add EV solutions to their product offering.

Scrambling to catch up with the market isn’t part of the Kellihers Electrical DNA. Kellihers is never afraid of leading from the front. With its own dedicated renewable energy division in Rexel Energy Solutions, it was the first electrical wholesaler in Ireland to offer Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) solutions and followed suit with the first EV Charging products nearly four years ago.

To coin an over-used metaphor, while some wholesalers are only now jumping on the Irish EV bandwagon, Kellihers Electrical charged the batteries, started the engine and is sitting behind the wheel, quietly driving innovation, choice and value for EV customers across Ireland.

“It’s no accident that we’re the market leader for EV Charging solutions in Ireland, and we’re constantly working with suppliers, staff and customers to make sure we stay ahead of the curve,” said Mr Sugrue.

Kellihers partners with market-leading international supplier, EVBox, to offer a complete range of EV Charging solutions. With products in stock and available off-the-shelf across the company’s nationwide network of branches, lead-times for smaller projects and independent contractors are a thing of the past, while larger orders are fulfilled quickly and efficiently through the Rexel Group’s unrivalled international distribution network.

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As Ireland’s most experienced EV Charging wholesaler, Kellihers doesn’t need to second-guess the market. The company has been immersed in it longer than anyone, allowing it to harness real-world experience to refine and develop its EV product offering, hone its expertise and deliver exceptional value to customers.

If you’re looking for an EV Charging solution, advice on an EV Charging project or simply want to brush up on the latest EV Charging trends, why not pop into your local Kellihers Electrical or CT Electric branch and tap into the unrivalled expertise of Ireland’s EV Charging leader?

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