Disposable face shields available at EWL Letterkenny

Disposable face shields manufactured by Rapid Action Packaging (RAP) are now available at EWL Letterkenny...


Rapid Action Packaging (RAP) has rallied to the COVID-19 cause, turning over its production line to manufacture of much-needed disposable PPE face shields. Designed and produced by the company in Ireland, RAP has already supplied one million face shields, with the first 65,000 earmarked for free distribution to care homes across the UK and Ireland. Feedback from the HSE and NHS has been positive and the shields are already in use at some cancer care centres.

Available at all EWL Electric Ltd branches, this PPE solution is intended for use among health support workers, cleaners, teaching staff, retail operatives and any other public facing role where this type of protection has typically been unavailable.

These products are essential in the fight against the spread of Covid-19 – if you know someone in need of PPE, EWL Letterkenny has RAP face shields available. There are forms available to register your interest online, please go to:


With so much fear and uncertainty, it really is uplifting to see companies work together in support of key workers. Thank you RAP and EWL Letterkenny!!!

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