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Continu on the importance of energy efficiency and remote monitoring critical site assets...

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The majority of businesses take time to protect data through backup power of their physical infrastructure. It is this physical infrastructure that keeps equipment running at optimal performance and reduces downtime and data loss if things go wrong. However, as the current Covid-19 situation has demonstrated, remote monitoring of this physical infrastructure is an opportunity to further enhance management and efficiency by creating a ‘digital twin’ of the site.

In addition, energy systems are going through a period of rapid and fundamental change due to the emergence of digital technologies, new energy economics and non-traditional business models. Recent advancements in backup power (UPS) and battery energy storage systems (BESS) has paved the way for organisations to dramatically change their approach to energy management, create new income streams and improve resilience.

Alison McFadden, MD, Continu, explains, “The recent pandemic and current government thinking on green energy emphasises to businesses that efficiency now means complete power management including battery energy storage systems (BESS) and trading electricity.”

For energy management decision makers efficiency and environmental impacts are paramount.

Continu is leading the way with world class remote monitoring software and helping businesses ‘value stack’ their physical assets with BESS systems.

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