£100,000 awarded through JIB Skills Fund

JIB member companies benefit from training grants

More than £100,000 in training grants has been awarded by the JIB Skills Development Fund since it launched, helping JIB member employees and JIB-registered apprentices to further their career development.

The Fund provides financial assistance to those looking to gain additional industry qualifications. In recent years, the charity has also expanded its work to help the unemployed find a way back into job market by providing financial assistance to upskill.

To date the most popular courses have been HNCs, ONCs and Degrees in area such as Electrical and Electronic Engineering, or Building Services. Following a recent increase in the amount of funding available per grant, from 50% to up to 75% of the course fee, the potential support ranges from £750 for Level 3 qualifications to £1250 for Degrees.

To be eligible for funding, applicants must be directly employed by a JIB member company, an apprentice registered with the JIB or a registered unemployed operative who holds a valid ECS card. The Skills Development Fund also offers a Scholarship Grant of £3000 to an individual studying a higher level qualification in the electrical industry.

“It is great to see so many people in our industry willing to put themselves through some quite rigorous further education and skills development to improve their knowledge and their standing. We are happy to support them on their journey.” said Mick Tuff, Chairman of the Skills Development Fund.

To find out about JIB membership or how you can benefit from the Skills Development Fund, contact 01322 661605.