Why use 3 tools when 1 will do it all!

Normally to cover this range of wire sizes, an installer would typically require at least three different tools. Now with just a single tool, the installer can keep the weight and cost of his tool bag to a minimum.

The clever mechanism has a smooth ratchet control which moves six precise jaws, producing a neat hexagonal crimped result.

This has the benefit of ensuring the termination remains as round as possible, fitting directly into the equipment without any need for ‘rounding’ square corners. To ensure the ferrule is always located exactly in the middle of the jaws, a clever positioner has been added to keep the ferrules centred. This guide can be relocated on the reverse side for left-handed users.

Under the part number K306K, it can handle both single and double-entry ferrules and possesses the quality you would expect from a German-made product. It features non-slip handles and a name tag field inside the handle to identify it’s yours.

The launch of the K 30/6 K is part of a wide range of impressive products developed by the experts at Klauke.

The new product is available from all branches of Demesne Electrical Sales. For more information or for a demonstration, contact Klauke.

For more information, telephone (NI) 01986 891 519 or (RoI) 0044 1986 891 519, e-mail sales@Klauke.textron.com or visit www.klauke.com