Lansdowne Place, Dublin

Cosgrove Electrical Services Ltd was cherry-picked as the main electrical contractor for Lansdowne Place, an exquisite residential development in Ballsbridge, Dublin’s prestigious neighbourhood. The company has just handed over four towers of the complex, which comprises apartments, penthouses, townhouses, and a luxurious residents’ club. The seven-star grade project already features celebrities like Rod Stewart among its buyers, and Cosgrove couldn’t be prouder of the result. “These past seven years have been really a journey,” commented Operations Manager David O’Donoghue. “There were different levels of learning as we went through each of the blocks, and we were able to carry it forward and become better and better. This project has helped the company improve the standard of the work we deliver and the quality of the product as well.”

Electrics and design in harmony 

Cosgrove allied the installation to the design vision of the high-calibre development. Award-winning interior design studio Goddard Littlefair outlined the level of detail – and intensity – the project would require. “There was zero tolerance for error, and they took the design concept throughout the buildings’ infrastructure and services,” David explained. “It was all made to measure, to fit like a jigsaw, and that was how our installation elements should come together as well to ensure a truly exceptional result.” 

Innovation in action 

Innovative systems were also part of the brief. Instead of a simple light switch in the living room/kitchen area, for example, the units at Lansdowne Place feature a whole lighting control package. “This control system offers pre-set lighting for the zones of the residence for daytime, night-time, or for when you are watching TV, or to turn on a bright light on the counter for cooking,” explained Project Manager Colin Dixon. “This is an innovative way of saving energy as there is a setting for almost every situation. It’s all about understanding the design, the use, and the function of the space, and then applying our installation to suit that.”


Working with so many contractors and sub-contractors on a large-scale project, building relationships with all the teams was key for Cosgrove to guarantee a successful delivery. David explained that being an exceptional communicator is essential. “You need to be able to get your message across, but also to stand up for your company when the pressure is on,” he said. “That was built with our team. At the start of the project, we brought them onboard, introduced them to the project’s expected standards and established a great collaborative relationship.” While working on many blocks at the time, communication was also fundamental to coordinating their work with the other teams’. “We discussed their output, compared it to ours and agreed on a sequence of tasks to get the best of our resources and time in each residence,” he adds. 

Valuable lessons 

While working on this development, Cosgrove started having a more holistic approach to their work. “With the help of the interior design specialists, we were able to see what we do as a function embedded in a concept,” David explained. “For example, a dining table is much more than that: you are going to sit there for two hours, entertain guests, have a meal with the family, drink a glass of wine. That is what we want our lighting arrangement to cater for, rather than just installing lights. We started considering what we do in zones to make sure that the lighting is functional, adequate, and energy efficient.”

Zero callbacks 

To both David and Colin, seeing the finished project and with zero callbacks was one of the most satisfying points of this journey. “There was 100% of verification, so every switch, every socket, every light was verified by the consultant engineer, our own testing commissioning team, and our installation team, which meant there was absolutely zero chance of any failure once the residence was occupied,” David explained. “We’ve had zero callbacks after the installation, so that is a real testament to our work.” 

Award-winning company

It’s been an exciting year for Cosgrove, as the company has won two categories at the Ireland’s Electrical Awards 2022: Contractor of the Year and Best Large-Scale Commercial Project for the Fulcrum Building in Dublin. In its 24 years, Cosgrove has gone through lots of good times as well as recession periods but keeping its core crew of solid engineers and managers has been crucial to the company’s success, as David commented, “We look after ourselves and our clients. Cosgrove has a solid feature built on high quality and value for money. The prestigious jobs come as a bonus.”


To view the full feature on Lansdowne Place, check out Ireland’s Electrical Magazine Issue 93 here.


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