What is cheaper to run – gas or electric patio heaters?

In order to achieve the EU’s objective of climate neutrality by 2050, businesses and members of the public need to do their part to phase out the use of fossil fuels for heating and cooling purposes.

By encouraging your clients to switch from gas to electric heating, you can actively play a role in reducing the amount of harmful carbon dioxide emissions that are released into the atmosphere. 

A sustainable choice

Gas patio heaters produce a whopping 5,802kg of carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute towards the warming of the planet and ultimately advances the effects of climate change. 

According to NASA, human activities have raised the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide content by 50% in less than 200 years. 

By swapping out a gas patio heater for an electric one, your clients can dramatically reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. 

There are three ATC electric outdoor heaters to choose from, and each produces a different level of CO2 emissions:

1. The Alfresco | Annual CO2 Output: 749kg – reduced emissions by 87%

2. The Riviera | Annual CO2 Output: 833kg – Reduced emissions by 86%

3. The Sienna | Annual CO2 Output: 1665kg – reduced emissions by 71%

Cost savings

There are immense savings to be had by switching from gas to electric outdoor heating. Find below the savings you can make for each ATC electric outdoor heater:

The Alfresco

Annual energy cost: €1,373.91

Annual CO2 output: 749kg

Gas Patio Heater

Annual energy cost: €6174.00

Annual CO2 output: 5802kg

Alfresco cost savings per year: €4,800.09*



The Riviera

Annual energy cost: €1,526.57

Annual CO2 output: 833kg

Gas Patio Heater

Annual energy cost: €6174.00

Annual CO2 output: 5802kg

Riviera cost savings per year: €4,647.43*

The Sienna

Annual energy cost: €3,053.13

Annual CO2 output: 1665kg 

Gas Patio Heater

Annual energy cost: €6174.00

Annual CO2 output: 5802kg

Sienna cost savings per year: €3,120.87*


A changing European landscape

While gas patio heaters have become a staple in the average garden or outdoor dining area over the years, the gas outdoor heater is now becoming a costly burden for households and hospitality settings.

As a result of the European gas crisis, which was triggered by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, prices of the fossil fuel surged and many people were, and still are, facing harsh winter conditions due to the sheer cost of heating their homes and businesses. 

Prior to this, fossil fuels had risen significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic due to disrupted supply chains and high demand. 

Switch to electric outdoor heating

If your clients are keen to keep costs and CO2 emissions down, yet still maintain a warm outdoor environment, an electric patio heater from ATC could provide the ideal solution. Check out the cost savings analysed by the ATC technical team on this page.

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