Wallbox partners with Mazda and Ecoplex

Wallbox N.V. (NYSE: WBX), a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management solutions worldwide, has partnered with Mazda and Ecoplex, a prominent renewable energy company, to support the EV transition in Ireland.

Wallbox believes that the shift to greener energy sources is key to accelerating EV adoption and the energy transition. The partnership with Wallbox has helped Mazda switch gears and make a swift entry into the Irish EV market with the launch of their new MX-30, which has a convenient battery range for urban driving. The combination of Wallbox’s compact and powerful chargers with Ecoplex’s expertise in renewable energy and installation is making it simple for Mazda drivers to go electric.

Wallbox’s global best-selling charger Pulsar Plus will help optimise charging time and costs for the MX-30’s compact but powerful 35.5kW battery, allowing drivers to save money while also charging the battery to its full capacity from the convenience of their homes. A fully charged battery will offer MX-30 drivers up to 200km of range, which is four times the average daily commute in Europe. Pulsar Plus comes standard with Wallbox’s proprietary energy management solutions. The charger features a smart charging feature to offer users increased control and flexibility. Pulsar Plus is one of the few EV chargers that enable users to charge their EVs with energy from their home solar panels installation. Eco-Smart, Wallbox’s green energy solution, is capable of detecting excess green energy from a home’s solar panels and supplementing it with grid energy to provide a cleaner charging experience, or charging the car exclusively with solar energy. Both options perform as well as a fully grid-powered charge. Eco-Smart delivers an easy-to-use, forward-thinking green energy solution to Pulsar Plus owners.

“Our goal at Wallbox is to accelerate the transition to EVs, and through this partnership, we are giving Mazda drivers access to our compact yet powerful EV charger, Pulsar Plus,” said Michele Collins, Senior Account Executive for Wallbox Ireland. “Over 80% of EV charging happens at home, so drivers need to have access to a smart home charger, like Pulsar Plus, as soon as they take their new EV home.”

“Working with Wallbox and Ecoplex has allowed us to facilitate that side of the EV ownership for the customer. A reliable and top-quality charger is just as important as the vehicle, and an easy installation process is crucial for an stress-free experience. Both partners have extended this experience to all our EV customers,” said David Bannon, PR, Dealer Marketing & Product Pricing at Mazda.

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