Wallbox expands Pulsar family with Pulsar Pro

Wallbox, a global leader in charging and energy management solutions for electric vehicles, has expanded its Pulsar family with charger Pulsar Pro. The newest member of the Pulsar family has been specifically designed for shared spaces and includes features such as 4G connectivity and an RFID reader to fit perfectly into shared spaces like flats, workplaces and depot charging.

“We wanted to offer customers a solution for shared spaces with the same compact design that has made our Pulsar family so popular while optimizing the charger to provide independent communications via 4G and the ability to add tariffs or limit access if needed for B2B installations,” said Alan McCleave, Director of UK and Ireland.

Pulsar Pro has been designed with a more intuitive installation and set-up process, including a backplate design to make installation quick and easy and the preconfigured 4G that enables faster commissioning. 

Pulsar Pro has several new security features to prevent unauthorized access, physical damage and cyber security attacks. Also, 4G connectivity enables over-the-air software updates, which translates into fewer on-site visits. Knowing that physical damage is a pain point for EV charging in semi-public spaces, the product features a robust design, with an IK10/IP55 Protection to protect against impacts and water or dust, and an easily replaceable charging cable in case of damage.

The new charger also comes with an Internal meter with less than 2% error to improve the accuracy of energy transfers. The inclusion of 4G also ensures improved uptime, both for users and operators.