WAGO tour visits Ireland for the first time

WAGO’s mobile demonstration vehicle, the Infoliner, is set to visit the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland as part of a tour taking in engineering and manufacturing facilities.
Following on from a successful tour of the UK in 2016, this year will also see the vehicle visiting Ireland for the first time.

The Infoliner represents an opportunity to see how WAGO’s interconnection and automation products can help to solve productivity and efficiency issues across a range of industries. Presentations are tailored to each facility the vehicle visits, helping customers to extract the most value from their time with the Infoliner.

“Visitors to the Infoliner in 2016 were impressed to learn about the vast range of products that WAGO offers, and gain a better understanding of how they can help to improve performance on the factory floor,” said Paul Witherington, Marketing Manager at WAGO.

After visiting Scotland, the tour then heads across the Irish Sea, starting at the Crowne Plaza Belfast in conjunction with Eurocables on July 31, before spending a week visiting customer locations throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland until it departs on Friday, August 4.

Once deployed at a location, the vehicle’s interior is widened to provide floorspace of 40 m2, which can accommodate 10-15 visitors. Each group session tour takes around an hour.

The Infoliner brings WAGO’s knowledge directly to the customer, educating about the challenges faced in ensuring effective application management, and offering solutions to improve productivity, efficiency and reliability on the factory floor. WAGO specialists will explain, for instance, how screwless connectors can be used to eliminate wiring faults and improve uptime, or what to consider when choosing the right I/O modules for a given application.

Live demonstrations will showcase what WAGO’s products are capable of in the face of extreme conditions, for instance when exposed to excessive current or heat. A pull wire test demonstrates the practicality and reliability of screwless termination, and how much force WAGO’s CAGE CLAMP® connection technology can withstand before a failure occurs.
For customers, this gives an opportunity within a safe environment to see the limits to which products can be pushed, while having access to expert advice to provide insight into how WAGO’s solutions can help to solve problems in the field.

WAGO representatives will be on hand to guide visitors through the various displays and demonstrations on board the Infoliner, answer any questions, and offer advice on automation and interconnection best practices. The objective is to help staff to improve safety and productivity while demonstrating first-hand the capabilities of WAGO’s offering.

For the full itinerary details call Jennifer Brady at WAGO on
(NI/RoI) 0044 (0)1788 568008, or e-mail ukmarketing@wago.com. Some sessions will be open to employees from local businesses other than the host business.