Verde’s new Sales Director looks ahead


The company began operating in 2010 at the height of the recession but thanks to astute financial planning and a rm belief in energy saving solutions, VERDE LED now exports more than half of its product overseas and has offices in China, France, Lithuania and London. As the company’s new Sales Director, Garett Sheehan is the latest addition to the VERDE team. He joined the company in October 2017 and is responsible for the leadership of the sales team, creating new business opportunities and tailoring solutions to customer needs. He has also been tasked with developing the commercial strategy for the business across Ireland as part of the company’s next stage in its expansion plans.

“My new role is all about investigating where the opportunities in the market lie and fine- tuning our business offering to potential customers. VERDE LED performed exceptionally well during the downturn so now as the economy recovers, the focus is very much on continuing to deliver an excellent product and tailoring our offering to what our clients require,” said Garett. Customers include large commercial property owners interested in making the switch to LED lighting.

“We’re looking for customers who have large lighting usage as we believe we can offer them substantial savings in relation to their energy costs. We can also help them as a business to become more sustainable and have greener credentials, which is something that SMEs and corporates are now taking quite seriously.” A varied background across a range of industries has led Garett to his current role. “My most immediate position before joining VERDE LED was at another lighting company. My working life started off in the financial sector and then brought me to Guinness. I held several roles there over a number of years so I’ve had quite a varied background. I think experience across different industries helps a person become more rounded and gives them the ability to deal with almost any problem that may arise.”

Although LED has transformed the industry, Garett believes some people still lack a basic understanding of the new technology. “We quite often come across people who are unaware of how beneficial LED can be from both a financial and an operational point of view. Part of my job is to ensure potential customers are aware of these advantages. At the end of the day the two decision-makers on any project are the FM manager and the head of nance and as their priorities can often be very different, we have to tailor the information to each of them very carefully.” “Verde LED has cleverly positioned itself with large commercial customers as one of the most competitive LED suppliers in the market for its range of high quality products. This is matched only by its flexibility as a supplier, to tailor its offer as a turnkey solution – either as a fully financed or Capex – or through the direct supply of product to the client, based on the customers’ requirements.”

A lifelong interest in rugby keeps Garett busy at the weekends. “I’ve played all my life and, when I retired, I decided I wanted to give something back. Before migrating into more senior aspects of the club, I did quite a bit of underage coaching. I’ve also held several senior roles in the club, including president. Downtime outside of work is very important and helps keep me alert and interested during the working week!”

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