Verde launches CALI IR Temperature Scanner

Keep your workforce and visitors safe with Verde’s contactless temperature scanner…

It is vital today, that your workforce and visitors to your premises are provided with a safe environment. Their safety is paramount.

Verde’s CALI IR Temperature Scanner can assist in this by giving an instant temperature reading when an individual is entering your premises. By temperature checking every person on entry, the CALI IR Temperature Scanner detects anyone with a high temperature and possible symptoms of COVID 19. An instant temperature result is presented and the person is informed within one second whether they may enter your premises or not. This is achieved without any physical contact.

The CALI IR Temperature Scanner is usually deployed in access areas. Entry points to factories, offices, nursing homes, retail, etc, should all have a temperature check solution in place. With the CALI IR Temperature Scanner, this can be achieved without the need for costly hourly overheads.

The technology does not detect the virus itself, rather it gives a quick and easy detection of elevated surface body temperature/fever which can be an indication of a possible virus infection.

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