Light up with Fusion LED

Launched onto the market only very recently and already proving popular with contractors, the Fusion LED is an extremely flexible, economic, panel-edge-lit EXIT sign product that comes fitted with an LED lamp source.

The EXIT sign is easy to install and maintain, says Ryan Walsh, Sales & Marketing Manager at Ventilux, and provides installers with a variety of options.
“With other fittings, you would have to specify what panel direction you’d need but, with this product, it’s all available within the one box. Directional legends make the work a whole lot easier for contractors.”
While other products may be limited to side-wall mounted or recessed fittings, the Fusion LED comes with all mounting options.
“The box contains both a ceiling bracket and a recessing kit. It’s also very competitively priced when compared to products that are limited to just one mounting option.
The Fusion LED is the first of three products that Ventilux intends to launch this year.
“We hope to introduce the OptiLens escape route LED luminaire onto the market by early summer. A typical LED downlighter gives you spacing of about 8.5 to 10m; the OptiLens will give approximately 18 to 20m on an escape route corridor.
“Again, for a contractor, this product will have both the open plan and the escape route option in the box available to them when they open it up on site, so there’s no need to order one or the other.”
“The OptiLens will be included in our premium range. It’s also worth noting that this product will reduce the quantity of luminaires being used on an overall project. So for the installer, that will mean fewer materials to use on a project. It will also end up saving the end-user money as they won’t have to replace as many batteries when undertaking maintenance.”
Ventilux will also launch the MultiLux this year, a multi-mounted exit sign.

“This product will feature a downlight to provide additional coverage on the escape route of approximately 2.5m. It will include all mounting options within the one box.”
It looks like 2016 is going to be a very busy year for Ventilux; as well as launching three new products, the company is celebrating its 30th anniversary year with a move to larger premises at Bray IDA Business Park on the Southern Cross Road later this year. At more than twice the size of the firm’s previous base, the new 30,000sqft premises will provide a state-of-the- art manufacturing facility. The relocation will also help Ventilux service its wide-ranging client base in an even more efficient way.
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