V-TAC’s record-breaking LED floodlights

V-TAC, the innovative LED lighting company, set a new sales record for LED Floodlights last year – selling more than one million units – and now an updated series of its slim LED floodlights is expected to smash that figure. Enhanced LED chips and a sleek body are available in a range which stretches from 10 watt units for driveways and gardens right up to 600 watt lights delivering 48,000 lumens for sports grounds and stadia.

V-TAC has updated its LED floodlights to SMD technology to ensure more efficient and cost-effective lighting, and is one of the few brands to have its whole range EMC and GS approved. V-TAC’s LED floodlights are also waterproof and corrosion resistant for better longevity, and have the option of a sensor to allow more power to be saved. V-TAC consistently stocks over one million LED floodlights across its UK warehouses, which are available to buy on the company’s website.

Dinesh Sajnani, CEO of V-TAC, said, “Beyond the enhanced performance, our extremely competitive prices, our new series of LED floodlights also offers an unrivalled choice and stock, with each one in three different body colours and finishes. As the market leader in LED floodlights, we consistently stock over one million units in three colour temperatures – 3000k, 4000k and 6000k – at any one time, so we can always fulfil orders without delay.”


  • 10w (850 lumens), 20w (1,700 lumens), 30w (2,550 lumens), 50w (4,250 lumens), 100w (8,500 lumens), 150w (12,750 lumens), 200w (17,000 lumens), 300w (25,500 lumens), 400w (34,000 lumens), 500w (42,500 lumens), 600 watts (51,000 lumens) and 1,000w (120,000 lumens) which comes with a five-year warranty.
  • Body colours – black, grey and white.
  • Finishes – Shiny, Matt and Sand.
  • Colour temperatures – 3000k, 4000k or 6000k.
  • Optional sensors available on VT-4911, VT-4922, VT-4933, VT-4955, VT-4810 PIR, VT-4820 PIR, VT-4830 PIR and VT-4850 PIR lights.

For more information on V-TAC telephone (NI) 0207 299 1212 or (RoI) 0044 207 299 1212, e-mail info@v-tac.co.uk or visit www.vtacexports.com