Two brothers inspired by light

Dinesh and Satish Sajnani, founders of V-TAC.

Dinesh and Satish set up their first electronics business in 2003.  From humble beginnings, it grew rapidly as they sourced, branded and traded multiple brands.

Following the banking crash of 2008, the brothers decided they should focus on building up a portfolio of sustainable products that would address the world’s growing environmental concerns. With LED lighting still in its infancy, Dinesh and Satish spent months researching the latest products as well as consumers’ needs.

Most LED products were expensive and they recognised a need to make LED lighting affordable to everyone and so, in 2009, V-TAC was born. Its aim was, and is, to provide the best value for money LED lighting solutions for anyone concerned about saving energy and the planet, as well as to make LED lighting affordable in every home.

To help attain this objective, Dinesh and Satish teamed up with Tihomir Ivanov, who shared the same vision and passion to make LED Lighting affordable across Europe. The alliance proved to be a success from the word go, with Tihomir now heading up the European Headquarters for V-TAC in Bulgaria.

In 2013, V-TAC opened up an office in the UK, and the business has continued to flourish. Carrying more than £40milion of inventory at any one time in its warehouses, the company aims to rapidly fulfil any order – however large or complex. V-TAC’s impressive track record and growth across the UK and Europe was acknowledged in the London Stock Exchange Group’s ‘1000 companies to Inspire, 2016’ report.

V-TAC now supplies LED lighting to more than 70 countries around the world. Its customers have collectively replaced 35 million traditional lights with energy saving LED equivalents – saving themselves more than £150m a year and cutting carbon emissions by over 150,000 tons.

Dinesh continues to manage the sales, marketing and the company’s plans for further expansion, while also attending business forums, reacting to changing consumer needs and forging new partnerships.

Dinesh said, “With over two decades of experience I believe that quality plays a key role in making a brand successful, and Satish and I have ensured that we only work with suppliers who share the same principals.

“Offering top quality products at affordable pricing has helped us penetrate deeper into new markets and establish V-TAC as one of the fastest growing LED lighting brands in the world. Our aggressive marketing strategy includes regular promotions, quick updates on new technology and a distribution base of over 1,500 re-sellers. We believe this is a perfect launch pad for us to become a force to reckon with in the coming years.”

Meanwhile, Satish takes care of product development, inventory management and distribution. He is always on the lookout for any products which have the potential to become best-sellers as well as niche products. By continually studying changing industry requirements, he ensures that V-TAC is always among the first to bring innovative new products to market.

With more than 1,000 great value lights and other products, V-TAC provides a one-stop shop for virtually any lighting requirements.

Satish said, “I have always been driven by numbers, so when I saw the sales figures for the first six months I knew there was a healthy market for our products. I realised that there was incredible scope for growth, while scale of economies gives us the volume to deliver numbers to our suppliers and hence ensures their continued support on delivering superior quality products at affordable prices. From humble beginnings eight years ago, we now have an annual turnover of $100 million and we firmly believe that we have miles to go.”

The brothers continue to stick firmly to the guidelines they set out when they founded the company; never compromise on customer service, carry out stringent quality tests to ensure product longevity, efficiency and a good quality of light, and maintain high stock levels to enable rapid fulfilment. Driven by the Sajnanis’ energy and entrepreneurial spirit, V-TAC continues to grow, push boundaries and set the standard for affordable, efficient and high quality LED lighting.

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