Unique, cost-effective office solutions from Core

The company partners with top European manufacturers to supply electrical products, backed by proficient services which help customers meet their needs and add value to their project. Using technology and innovative designs to improve workspaces, Core creates stylish and dynamic spaces without compromising on performance. Core has developed a unique cost-efficient solution to wire office spaces, which saves on time and material, and reduces waste, errors and risks.

Combining modular wiring components with office systems, the company can fit a project from underfloor to desktop using pre-wired and pre-tested certified and warranted material.

This system is much easier and quicker to install than the traditional hardware. Core supplies standard or bespoke products for specific infrastructure requirements from:

  • CMD – Versatile ranges floor boxes, desk power modules and ergonomic cable management solutions, featuring innovative features (e.g. 4A and 5A USB and wireless charging).
  • OBO Bettermann – High-quality ranges of ducting (steel or PVC) and floor boxes to suit many applications (e.g. Terrazzo floors) and come in a variety of options.
  • Cableduct – Superior flexible floor boxes ideal for high-end applications.


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