Translink Milewater Service Centre, Belfast

Co-ordination through BIM and close collaboration on site helped Braham Electrical deliver a top quality job...

The Milewater Service Centre is a £21million purpose-built facility to service, maintain and repair the fleet of Glider (Belfast Rapid Transit) buses, along with other Translink vehicles. Built by Henry Brothers, with electrical services provided by Braham Electrical, the main building comprises offices, meeting rooms and staff facilities (120,000ft2) across four floors. It sits alongside engineering garages and workshops, bus washing facilities, parking for 145 buses and 191 staff car parking spaces.

The main garage can accommodate up to 27 buses ranging from the smaller metro buses to double deckers and, of course, the extra-long new Glider fleet. The facility has its own inhouse paint prep and spray booths allowing for complete repair of the fleet. With multiple bays having their own pits and specialist bus lifts, along with two overhead cranes, the workspace brings Translink into the 21st century compared to its previous facility just across the road.

A separate, dedicated engine workshop, tyre store and fabric covering workshop are just some of the parts that make up the building. It moves Translink’s existing stores to a new dedicated central store spread across three floors of the building, serving both this new facility and other Translink sites. Moving from its ageing offices down the street to the top two floors, the new building provides office space for over 150 people and has canteen facilities for both the office and engineering personnel. Ciaran McQuaid, Director at Braham Electrical, oversaw the electrical contract.

“Braham Electrical was delighted to be involved with such an important project for Belfast. This was a project that was very well advertised – everyone in Belfast knew the Glider buses were being launched and that they needed a facility to house them. It was really nice to be part of that.”

An extremely tight deadline meant Ciaran and the team were under pressure. “The new Glider buses were due to be launched in September, so we had to have the core facility finished by then. It was tight; we were trying to deliver a huge package of works in a very large, complicated building and quite often we were working at height so that presented its own challenges.”

There was a strong sense of collaboration on site and that helped get the Braham team over the line. “A huge amount of effort went into co- ordination before we even stepped onto the site. As it was so heavy in both mechanical and electrical systems, BIM was used to coordinate several elements which left the installation quicker and more accurate onsite.”

Products specified for the Milewater Service Centre were of the highest quality, as befitting a project for Translink NI. Dextra lighting took centre stage in the main garage and workshops, utilising high efficiency LED fittings each with in-built microwave pods. The security systems were extremely important to the client and the building benefits from a complex network of CCTV, door access and fire safety systems.

Alongside the new Service Centre, Braham Electrical was involved in other parts of the Glider launch build-up, working on all the Rapid Transit Route upgrades in the city across multiple contracts. The company continued its success on the Translink site, having won the contracts on Portrush Train station with GRAHAM and the new Northwest Multimodal Hub with Farrans.

Braham Electrical, 7A Charlotte Street, Warrenpoint, Newry BT34 3LF
T: 0044 (0)28 4177 2989

Sub Contractors

In business for over 100 years, Eaton is the go-to provider of mains lighting, and emergency lighting, power distribution and wiring accessories for projects across a diverse range of sectors.

A prestigious and unique project like the Translink Milewater Service Centre demanded market- leading, reliable products from manufacturers with a proven track record. Eaton’s commitment to providing only the most reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable lighting products made it the ideal choice when it came to supplying emergency lighting for the Glider project. This isn’t the first time Translink and Eaton have worked together.

“We’ve supplied our emergency lighting products for several Translink projects. This was a prestigious job to be involved in and we’re delighted to continue that excellent working relationship with Translink,” said Chris Orr, Business Development Manager at Eaton.

Flexibility and reliability were key when choosing the most appropriate emergency lighting system. With that in mind, the CGLine+ system from Eaton was selected for the new Translink project.

CGLine+ is the evolution of three existing EL monitoring systems combined into one. It features a simple web- based HMI and is capable of monitoring more than 25,000 luminaires, offering the scalability that the Glider project required. The system is also customisable, meaning building plans can be uploaded to enable the user to pinpoint exactly which unit needs attention.

Another key feature of the CGLine+ is its automatic test function capability. A control module monitors and controls all functions of the luminaire automatically, including function and duration tests. The test results are shown on site on the luminaire by a status indicator. The new CGLine+ Web-Controller initiates the tests, displays the results centrally and stores them in an electronic log book. The log book can be printed and displayed on demand; this assists the building operator in meeting the duty of documentation and maintaining the safety of the building occupants.

Lighting was an extremely important element of the Glider project. A select range of high-end lighting products and accessories were suggested for the project and it was this ‘high-end’ requirement that led to the CGLine+ system being selected.

Alongside its convenient automatic test function capability, luminaires do not need to be manually addressed in the CGLine+ system. Luminaires are fitted with a unique address by the manufacturer consisting of a six-digit ID number in hex code format. Using this address the web controller identifies the luminaires automatically when the system is launched.

In addition, each luminaire can be configured to receive a short digital address and an individual name with a maximum of 20 characters so it’s possible to use a name which corresponds to the location according to the planning documents. This assists in locating luminaires in the building and additional repair procedures can even be planned remotely in case of failure.

The advantages of installing Eaton’s CGLine+ system are vast. Eaton’s commitment to providing electrical solutions that use less energy, improve power reliability and make the places we live and work safer and more comfortable made it the perfect emergency lighting partner for this project. As a market leader in emergency lighting, the team at Eaton understood Translink’s very specific requirements for the Glider project.

“We have years of experience in emergency lighting and I think that experience has been recognised by Translink through the numerous projects we’ve completed for them. The Glider project was a great one for us to be involved in and the fact that we had previously worked with both the electrical contractor and main contractor meant the job ran very smoothly,” said Chris.

Eaton’s electrical business is a global leader with expertise in numerous sectors which solve and enhance business operations. Expertise include, power and circuit distribution, back-up and protection, control and automation, lighting and security and structural solutions, as well as engineering services. Over the past 100 years, the company has positioned itself to solve today’s most critical electrical power management challenges.

Chris Orr – Business Development Manager, Eaton
T: +44 (0)7772 605 465

High grade lighting for the prestigious ‘Glider’ project in Belfast was supplied by Electrical & Allied Distributors (NI) Ltd. Thanks to its unique qualities, the D-Series from Holophane was specified for the project to great effect. This particular range from Holophane takes all the benefits of LED technology and moulds it into a high performance, high efficacy and long life area lighting luminaire.

“The D-Series was an excellent choice for the Translink project. It’s a die cast product that conforms to EN1706 AC-46500, with housing completely sealed against moisture and environmental contaminants. It really was an excellent choice for a project as prestigious and unique as this,” said Ken Dougan, Director at Electrical & Allied Distributors (NI) Ltd.

The D-Series also features a ‘finned’ thermal management system to optimise thermal management through conductive cooling, making it capable of delivering over 100,000 hours LED module life. “This particular range also offers exceptional optical performance, producing a well-lit area with high uniformity from the least amount of lanterns.”

The LED driver is mounted in direct contact with the finned housing for cooling to promote low operating temperature and long system life. It also helps users realise energy consumption goals and demonstrate environmental responsibility. Unique optics sit below each LED to ensure light is delivered where it needs to be and providing a uniform night-time friendly environment with minimal light pollution.

Electrical & Allied Distributors (NI) Ltd has worked with the main contractor, Braham, on several projects in the past. “We have supplied lighting and lighting control products to the team at Braham on several occasions. An excellent working relationship helped make this job hassle- free and we look forward to working with them again in the near future,” said Ken.

A distributor of Holophane products for over 30 years, EAD knows a thing or two about choosing the right products for the job, as this project perfectly highlights. Having worked on several key projects across Northern Ireland, the new home for the ‘Glider’ is sure to be a worthy one to add to their already impressive portfolio.

Electrical & Allied Distributors (NI) Ltd, Unit 1, M2 Trade Centre, 38-40 Duncrue Crescent. Belfast, BT3 9BW.
T: 0044 (0) 2890 326822

With lighting such a crucial element of the new Translink Milewater Service Centre, sourcing products from a company that understood the very specific requirements of the project was key.

P&A Projects specialises in the total design, development and manufacture of standard and specialist lighting equipment. Courtney McMullan, P&A Projects’ NI-based representative, was key in the company winning the project and he liaised with closely AH Design to come up with a suitable design for the lighting system and with Braham Electrical during the production and installation process to ensure the needs of the project were met.

P&A Projects supplied the bulk of the interior lighting for the Glider’s new home from a range of recessed and suspended products which were all custom designed. Linear slot lights were specified by the consultant for this project.

Philip Ascroft, Managing Director, P&A Projects, explained, “We had a couple of products in our range that were ideal for the Glider project. We created a special lens to ensure the lights fitted into the space properly. Throughout the entire process, we worked very closely with Anthony Hayes in AH Design to create the design the client was looking for.” Adapting products from the company’s existing ranges meant the client benefitted not only from P&A Projects’ high manufacturing standards but from the company’s ability to be innovative.

“Creating bespoke lighting products ensured we met the high standards demanded by Translink and by the office lighting regulations that we have to comply with. With every project we undertake, we strive to ensure we select the right products for the job and manufacture them to our own very high standards.”

Although straightforward, there were some special requirements at Milewater.

“Some of the suspended products were painted with slightly non-standard colour, with a very nice grey applied to some of the light fittings in certain areas. Excellent illumination around desks and other areas was also key, so the positioning of certain light fittings around features in the ceiling was very important. At all times, we were mindful of the exacting standards of Translink and we were keen to make sure we met them.”

Philip and the rest of the team at P&A Projects were delighted to be part of this prestigious project.

“From a lighting perspective, there were some quite unusual elements to the job which was interesting for us. We’ve worked with AH Design and also with Henry Brothers in the past and that existing relationship also helped get us over the line. We’re very proud of the end result.”

P&A Projects Ltd, 2 Firefly Square, Plantation Rd,Burscough, Lancashire, L40 8JT.
T: (0)1704 891333

In order to avoid delays and disruption on site, large projects like the Milewater Service Centre require a steady stream of products from a wholesaler that can deliver under pressure.

Thanks to an impressive portfolio of completed projects across the country, KEW Electrical was the electrical wholesaler of choice for this venture. The company ensured that Braham Electrical was supplied with all the electrical products they needed to avoid delays and keep the project running to schedule.

KEW Electrical ensured that deliveries were made to site as and when they were required. Meeting the daily requirements of a project of this size was a tall order, but nothing that KEW Electrical couldn’t handle.

“We supplied a vast range of electrical products to this prestigious project. Deliveries were made on time and sometimes, with multiple loads brought to site each day. As with every project we work on, we were keen to ensure the construction process ran smoothly and wasn’t hampered by slow deliveries. We kept in regular contact with Braham’s, who kept us informed of their requirements,” said David Adgey, KEW Electrical’s General Manager.

KEW Electrical’s reputation for excellence is well known in the industry. A high level of coordination and planning is required for all projects, not least one of this size.

“We also offer a reliable service and same-day delivery so we’re well positioned to keep major projects fully stocked and on schedule. We carry an extensive stock at KEW Electrical Belfast, ensuring our customers nearly always get the product they need. We have also built up a network of strong links with our suppliers which further cements our ability to meet the needs of large projects.”

Translink’s new home for the Glider is an unusual project, with very specific requirements. The electrical package for it was significant and demanded high standards from all the teams involved.

“This was certainly complex and challenging but when it comes to working on projects of this size, we have a lot of experience. We strive to offer the same levels of service to all our customers and support single installers right through to major M&E contractors. With high stock levels, we’re in a position to meet those needs and we also have an enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable team who work hard to meet your needs.”

A substantial amount of electrical products were supplied by KEW Electrical to the Glider project.

“We’re delighted to have played a role in the delivery of this project for Translink NI. We value our relationship with Braham’s and look forward to working with the team in the future.”

KEW Electrical, 385 Holywood Road, Belfast, BT4 2LS
T: 0044 (0)28 9047 1727

Ajob as complex as the Translink project, which demanded an extremely high standard of services, also required only the most professional and competent construction teams.

Unitrunk, a specialist when it comes to cable management, supplied a large amount of containment to Braham for use on the project.

“We supplied Speedway SW4 cable ladders, heavy duty cable trays, Easyconnect cable basket and trunking in a variety of sizes, including Easy-Way Flush Floor trunking and Standard and Multi- compartment trunking systems. It was a significant job for us and lasted for a six-month period,” said Mark Topping, Sales Manager, Unitrunk.

The team at Unitrunk encountered no specific challenges. “Thankfully, it was all very straightforward and ran very smoothly for us. We work very well with Braham and we maintained an excellent working relationship throughout the project, which allowed us to meet our deadline.”

With the project located within easy reach of Unitrunk’s Lisburn base, ensuring timely deliveries were made to the site was no problem for the company. “It really was an excellent project for us from start to finish. We’re well used to larger, complex projects, so the Translink project didn’t present us with any new problems.”

Unitrunk has been providing total cable management solutions to the construction industry for over 50 years. Products supplied by the company include standard trunking, speedway ladders, cable trays, cable baskets, floor trunking and steel conduits. Unitrunk prides itself on unrivalled customer service which will, says the company, continue for the next 50 years and beyond. All products supplied by Unitrunk meet and surpass all relevant standards through its in-house manufacturing to ISO 9001- 2015 and CE Accreditation.

The company has also successfully achieved ISO 14001-2015 and OHSAS 18001 safety accreditation. Projects completed by the company include Jersey Fuel Terminal, Leeds City Council and Teeside University.

Unitrunk, Blaris Industrial Estate, Altona Road, Lisburn, BT27 5QB.
T: 0044 (0)28 9262 5100

Core showcased the company’s collaborative approach by supplying products suitable for the varying but specialist demands of the offices and workshops at the Translink Milewater Service Centre.

Core worked with furniture company, Work Rest Play, to deliver an ergonomic solution that matched Translink’s aesthetic and practical requirements. Slim and stylish, the Vision S pole monitor arm from CMD Ltd perfectly fits into the 180 desks of the new modern offices. They enable individual rotation and height adjustments for an optimum position at eye level and therefore provide maximal user comfort.

The workshop areas required robust cable management, especially on the work benches. Set with a short lead in time, Core supplied high-quality aluminium bench trunking from cable management leader Marshall-Tufflex. This is a sturdy, angled, data- compliant Cat 7a trunking that can be mounted directly onto work benches for easy and quick installation.

In addition to the products, Core also met the project requirements for quality solutions at highly competitive prices, as well as being able to offer support services that included efficient supply and local support on site.

Core (RoI): 01 453 7033
Core (NI): 028 9002 0066