10 Top Electric Heating Products

Electric heating has three big advantages: easy to install, cost-effective and 100% efficient. There are some great innovative electric heating products on the market at the moment, here’s our guide to some of the best…

JTR Ceramic Electric Radiators

Made using the latest in thermal technologies, combined with electronic thermostats for accurate heating control, JTR Ceramic Electric Radiators’ unique design ensures quick heat transfer. Benefits include a ten-year body warranty and two-year electronics warranty. Energy efficient and cost saving they are fully controllable by integrated LCD thermostat or CSD16/2 controller and app. The radiators can be used as full heating system, as a stand-alone system or supplement existing wet systems in hard to heat rooms. An ideal option to replace out-dated and inefficient storage heaters.


Smart Storage Heater

The Elnur Smart Storage Heaters offer complete controllability with daily and weekly programming and with a thermostat accurate to 0.1 degree. In addition the SSH has the added advantage of being WiFi enabled so you can control the storage heaters from anywhere in the world and are Amazon Alexa ready too for smart home integration. The intuitive LCD display is straightforward to use and is boosted with advanced control options. Further benefits include a temperature sensor with calibration option, being single supply capable and market leading warranties.


Sunray RF

The award-winning RF range incorporates unique advanced technology and controllability in one radiator, leading the way in sustainable living. It is a standard thermal radiator as well as being a radiator that has many advanced features such as open window technology, adaptive start, Triac electronic thermostat, wireless connectivity and voice control.



During these covid-19 times where outdoor gatherings are strongly advised, outdoor heating has never been more important in the modern era. Whether it be in a domestic, social or business environment, the Plusheat IP65 outdoor heating range is perfect for any outdoor area that requires powerful direct heat. Aesthetically pleasing, elegantly understated to create comfort while blending in with the environment. The IP65 range come in wall and ceiling, suspended and recessed mounted and portable options. Remote and non-remote controlled heaters available.


D Series electric WiFi radiator

When you need high-performance heating, the D Series WiFi radiator is the best choice. Easy to install, this efficient radiator includes built-in WiFi and home automation technology so you have complete control over temperature, consumption and heating costs all from your smartphone with the Rointe Connect app. Packed with energy-saving features and technology, the D Series radiator has a high purity aluminium body and side closures, with superior thermal fluid for faster heat-up times. Plus it’s available in a range of colours to suit your personality.


ATC Electric Underfloor Heating

ATC Electric Underfloor Heating Mats provides a comfortable, efficient and economical addition or alternative to standard heating systems. Because it is installed under the floor, the walls in the room are free and much easier to furnish. ATC Electric Underfloor Heating Mats are especially suitable for refurbished floors and new floor projects. It adds a fabulous feel of comfort and warmth to bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories or any general living area where ceramic or stone tiles are laid. The thermostats are easy to install, program and simple to control.


CeP (Carbon Electric Paint) Heating System

Multi-award winning EcoVolt CeP fabricated panels are designed to integrate seamlessly into plasterboard system construction. Mounted on metal or wood partitions, the CeP panel is installed like industry standard plasterboards, with the exception of fitting screws to fix the electrodes. Once installed, 24V electrical connections can be made by using the CeP foil gripper system. A paper tape and joint or 4mm skim coat finish is then applied before the final layer of water-based decorative paint. The heating system, already embedded in plasterboard, is installed just like a plasterboard.


Siena digital unvented water heater

When it comes to hot water heating, the Siena digital from Rointe is an ideal unvented choice. It has four pre-set heating programs for easy programming and important safety functions like an anti-legionella cycle and temperature evolution function so you can see the water heating progress. The Siena electric water heating system has a vitrified steel tank and ceramic heating elements to heat quickly and efficiently. You can be sure your hot water is at the right temperature with the reliable Siena water heater.


High Heat Retention Storage Heater

Electric Heating for tomorrow’s world. The Elnur High Heat Retention Storage Heater offers complete peace of mind and achieves the highest SAP rating, single supply capable, fully programmable and a 12 year warranty. Elnur HHR storage heaters are the future. Watch our video to find out more https://we.tl/t-TZtn5xbe75


Outdoor Heating Range

Enjoy the outdoors all year-round with an ATC outdoor heating solutions. For domestic or commercial uses, these infra-red electric heaters are typically 90% cheaper to run than outdoor gas heating. If you want to heat up outside quickly with minimal fuss, an electric heater is the best choice. Easy to turn on and off, and typically reach the desired temperature quickly. Wall-mounted, ceiling hung or portable ATC’s outdoor electric heaters have many applications. ATC’s heating design team is on hand to determine the correct solution for your building.