Timeguard’s new RF hassle-free PIR override solution

Imagine if your customers could be sitting anywhere in your house and be able to flick a wall switch to over-ride the outdoor lighting’s automatic PIR control, and turn it on and off at will? Well, it’s always been possible, in theory, because manual override is a fairly standard feature and typically involves flicking a wall switch on and off quickly. However, until now, to achieve this facility first you would have had to chase out walls, maybe lift floorboards, re-plaster the wall, run the cables between the PIR and the wall switch and finally redecorate.

The temptation is only to provide over-ride switching adjacent to the luminaire. No more, because Timeguard has an answer that involves no hard wiring.

The Timeguard solution is to add RF (radio frequency) remote control to a new PIR detector in its NIGHTeye PRO range. You will recognise the NIGHTeye PRO range as the good lookers in the PIR lighting world with their thin profiles and sleek back plates. RF Switching is activated by a compact fob that can be hand held but is also designed to wire straight in to the standard switch plate of your choice. You even get the cables with the fob. So, no matter where in the house the customer wants the switch control to be, you can provide the control they want. It really couldn’t be simpler.

In fact, you can control the lighting with up to six remotes – having switches all around the house and maybe one or two remotes for hand-held use. The RF range is up to 100m, so even the biggest garden is covered. This neat solution is available in the Timeguard NIGHTeye LEDPRO range. The modular LEDPRO design concept means that all you need do is t the RF PIR detector to your choice of LEDPRO floodlight: black or white with ratings from 10W to 50W (LED).

The RF PIR module simply replaces the terminal cover and plugs in to the floodlight. It’s installer friendly too, with captive screws and cable entries supplied. You can use this RF PIR to control a whole lighting scene, adding as many slave floodlights as you need, up to a total of 140W (LED). Pan and tilt adjustability and adjustable time and light level settings ensure that the automatic lighting mode can be set up to suit the customer’s premises and needs. If you have existing floodlights then no problem – Timeguard offers a standalone RF PIR version that will control any floodlighting up to 140W (LED)

Energy-saving LEDs, the increasing reliability of branded models and more-attractive designs are making automatic, PIR-controlled lighting more popular than ever. What were once ultra-bright security halogens, are now expected to double as decorative and courtesy lighting for our homes and gardens. That’s why so much effort went into the design of the NIGHTeye PRO range.

Choose your sleek, slimline driverless LEDPRO floodlight, add the control of your choice with integrated PIR, PIR+RF or photocell switching. Loop out more floodlights as slave lights as needed – and your customer is good to go.

NIGHTeye PRO floods the area with light, while also making a stylish design feature of its prismatic lenses and tough, rust-proof polycarbonate reflector plates that do away with the need for ugly front ‘windows’. The all-white models, with white casing and matching white reflector plates will hardly be seen when mounted on a white soffit board.

If, of course, you’ve already installed NIGHTeye PRO lighting, it’s a quick job to go back to the customer and replace the PIR module with something new that offers extra control. Rest assured, the Timeguard- quality floodlights will still be in great condition.

Users’ expectations on outdoor LED lighting are rising. They want good looks, good design and to be in control. You need to offer something different and better – and this is a great new option.

W: www.timeguard.com