Cash in on the nation’s love of alfresco living

With the clocks springing forward, every garden owner is starting to think about gardening – and a surprising number of them will be doing a lot more than just mowing the lawn and planting a few bulbs.

According to market researchers AMA, the overall garden landscaping market is recovering after a volatile period from 2008- 12, when it suffered from the impact of the economic downturn and weather conditions (notably poor in 2012). Sustained growth is now expected until at least 2019.

Key factors influencing the market include the housing market, consumer confidence, and the general interest in gardening as a hobby or to grow produce. Add to that the trend for gardens to be seen as an extension to the home and al fresco dining, and there’s clearly an opportunity for electrical installers to share the bonanza.

Nathan James Dodd, blogger at gardensite., has identified lighting as one of the top five trends for 2016 alongside more ‘serious’ outdoor furniture, built-in barbeques, more container growing and encouraging wildlife. New and innovative lighting techniques, he says, will increase the amount of time we spend outside; with energy-efficient LED technology enhancing the alfresco lifestyle at a much lower cost.

So what are you waiting for? What is your strategy to get in on the boom? What can you offer?

Every home-owner wants to enhance the appeal of their home and garden, and the right exterior lighting adds a lot of extra magic after dark. What they might not be so keen on is having to gouge out a recess in their garden wall to fit lights.

That’s where Timeguard’s new range of super-slimline, compact surface-mounted IP65 LED step lights make it easy to add decorative and safety lighting on steps and decks. These LED deck/step lights are a great way to add distinct accent lighting and provide safety lighting to your steps or deck walkways.

Wired directly to your home’s electrical system or your 230V mains voltage landscaping system, they use very little energy. Once installed, you’ll have the quality assurance of the Timeguard’s extended guarantee – they’re designed to last for years electrically, plus they’ll continue to look good for years to come as well.

There’s no need to channel out the step or wall and, furthermore, the double-insulated luminaires do not require an earth. The surface-mount back plates provide for fast terminal block connection, making them even quicker and easier to install.

Delivering from 20 to 24 Lumens of cool white light, the new dark grey and white polycarbonate Timeguard Step Lights have the good looks and guaranteed durability that property owners will welcome indoors or out. They are remarkably compact – the round model, for instance, is just 150mm in diameter and 27mm deep, and will provide discrete, trouble-free downlighting for steps, corridors and passageways indoors and out for many years. Electrical wholesalers are now stocking square, oblong and round versions in both colours.


Electric barbeques and garden tools all need regular mains power, and it’s worth giving all your customers’ outdoor sockets a health check. I’ve seen some shocking examples of loose casings and missing lids with the socket exposed to the elements and – more importantly – to kids playing in the garden. Any IP protection may be long gone.

There is plenty of choice when looking for replacement sockets but, if one of the main reasons you are replacing the old ones is that they look so bad, then do choose a replacement that looks stunning and can be relied on to stay looking that way.

Weathersafe Vision from Timeguard not only looks good but has the added safety of see-through covers that show people the on/off status of the supply at a glance. Sockets with built-in RCD’s (safety cut-out circuit breakers) enable you to provide extra functionality for your customers.

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