Timeguard remains on form

The unwritten law of modern architecture and industrial engineering is that ‘Form follows function’. So surely it follows that, where the form has not changed much, then neither has the function. Just replacing an older bulb for LEDs in an old casing, for instance, is not going to result in much more than a bit of a reduction in running costs.

You can also safely assume that, in today’s manufacturing climate where shaving fractions of pennies from costs can be critical, that no-one is going to retool and change the design – the form – for the fun of it. So if it looks different, then it is probably really different and innovative and worth looking into.

The key point I am making here is that, while the first thing you’ll notice is that Timeguard products look different and are easy on the eye, all of the changes we make also have an engineering function. The distinctive designs that make them such an easy sell to your customers are also the proof of our investment in new engineering and new factory tooling.

Take, for example, our current ‘blockbusters’, the NIGHTeye Plus plug and play outdoor LED lighting. They are easy to install and give you the flexibility to choose PIR, photocell or simple on/off activation and simply plug in the appropriate model.

Looping out to save money by creating master/slave set ups is straightforward. There’s plenty in it for the customer too – we’ve done away with traditional front windows by beefing up the LED array lenses and the reflector back plates, so they do not need to extra protection. That makes for a sleeker, slimline design. Check the back of the casing for the essential cooling fins which are an integral part of the design, ensuring longer life and, again, enabling us to maintain an ultra-slim profile without compromise on the performance or life that would be caused by allowing overheating.

Our designers’ ability to turn an engineering advantage into a cosmetic plus goes back to the early days of our NIGHTeye mould-breaking ranges. We were first to market in this country with wide-beam LED arrays and back plates that diffused LED light to make it a real contender to replace halogen for security lighting or wherever high-power coverage over a wider area is needed. Our cold-forged cooling pins became a design feature, and our pan-and-tilt heads that make it easy to provide the right light saturation wherever it is needed.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that revolutionary new designs are just cosmetic: if it looks new and different and it’s from Timeguard, then there’s an engineering advantage for you and your customers.

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