Timeguard prepared for winter LED lighting rush

As the LED season lights up, Andy Douglas, Managing Director at Timeguard says they're perfectly prepared for the winter rush...

In the busiest season for core product lines that installers rely on, like outdoor LED lighting, this is no time to be letting your customers down. We are all finding ways of accommodating different ways of working together, and, during so much change, you’ll probably agree that now is not the time for anyone to be taking business risks with unknown, untested suppliers.

Demand for the type of products we design at Timeguard will not disappear, and I think it would be fair to say that a good percentage of any ‘lost’ business since March is business delayed. It follows that you need to be ready to meet the pent-up demand, and the safe option is the one you know and can trust. No doubt we will all be approaching financial commitments with heightened caution this season but, as a collaborative channel, we will manage our way through this period of change together. For our part as manufacturers, we’ve already invested into having all the stock you’ll need, ready for you.

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There’s no need to teach grandmothers to suck eggs. We all understand the core needs in this market: something that looks good to the end-user, something that provides opportunities to add value and profitability, and something that does a good job for years and years. Undoubtedly, installers will come up against price sensitive jobs and customers, but there should be no need for them to compromise on the system components. Quite the reverse: good quality pays its way. Where there is a price differential between bucket shop and branded quality, the difference is more than justified by design and specification, by the inherent value of the guarantee and by installation efficiency.

A product that does what it promises, that is designed for easy fitting and won’t confuse the end-user with unintelligible settings, is going to be a cheaper install. Professional installers get that. Timeguard delivers it. Having argued the case for the brand, let’s look at the Timeguard ranges. We know what the top sellers will be by volume and we understand the special requirements installers have for different jobs. So, we’ve got them all covered.


One of the ‘Top’ products since its launch, is the LED PRO range, a range that does tick all the boxes for professional installers and it’s a great proposition for wholesale stockists as they can rationalise total stock while still offering a full range of options for you off the shelf.

For those of you still unfamiliar with the concept, LED PRO is a range of floodlights with interchangeable controls. Installers choose the most suitable floodlight power for the job at hand – ie 10W to 100W per flood – decide how they want it switched – PIR, photocell, RF remote, or as a slave – and combine the two on site

Lights that really do flood 

It might sound simple, but the right sort of illumination can’t be taken for granted When it’s right, it’s the signature of good quality design. Uncontrolled LED’s emit a straight beam so, if the floodlight isn’t designed to control and distribute the light evenly, the floodlight will have a spotlight-like effect when what people want is a wide even spread of light. A quick check is to keep a lookout for lenses over the diodes, as that’s a sure tip that the designer has considered light beams and angles. Where you have a big area to illuminate, choose LED floodlights with arrays designed specifically to provide the ‘really wide’ beam you may need. It is an option we now offer across our ranges, including the LED-X rust-resistant models.

Rust-free good looks 
Rust-resistance is crucial for keeping good looks and avoiding the telltale sign of unsightly running marks often seen down the wall. Even though most LED floodlights are now made primarily of polycarbonate, the brackets are normally always mild steel that will corrode and rust. That’s why we designed the rust resistant range, ideal for coastal areas or installation in damper places with every single metallic component, including the bracket manufactured from rust-resistant 316 stainless steel – even down to the screws on the PCB board.

When we designed the rust-resistant floodlight range, we also took the opportunity to devise an optional pan and tilt bracket that allows for the floodlight to be panned sideways (left and right) and then vertically by the floodlight fitting itself for precise and accurate area illumination.

The not-so-basic bulkheads

Demand for good old bulkheads that sit flush to the wall never falters, but there’s no reason for them to be left behind in the quality and design stakes. We continue to improve on them and, while we still offer retro, die-cast models, our LED88 polycarbonate versions with and without PIR’s seem to be a market favourite. Easy to install, easy to use and easy on the eye.

Small is beautiful
When we first introduced the revolutionary design of the ultra-compact Nighteye range, with both single-headed and twin-headed versions, it was widely seen that the single units are hardly bigger than a man’s hand – wow! “Could they do the job”, you ask? Well, they certainly could and they’ve proved that they also last the course and give years and years of service. The next step was an evolution, incorporating the PIR detector within the main housing in the EVO range so that the detectors are ‘hidden’ but still offer easy to set time and lux control settings. With single and twin floodlight options in black or white, they look great and they do a great job. We rest our case.

You might want to keep a small stock of lower-volume lines like extra high power floods, die-cast bulkheads, step lights etc. in the van. Alternatively, all can be supplied from stock and it can be shipped to your wholesaler quickly from our London warehouse.

Find out more at www.timeguard.com or call: +44 (0) 20 8450 8944 to discuss the ranges available and which ones best suit your needs.