Time-saver launched for diamond core drilling

Quikcore answers trades’ call with first-ever quick-release system for core bits…

Quikcore’s 1/2” core bit/extension thread with quick-release clip

Diamond core drilling is widely accepted throughout the plumbing and electrical landscape but it can prove to be a laborious task. Frontline industry professionals rely on their tools and equipment daily, so saving time to enhance the workflow efficiency is always a positive, especially where time may be a key factor in quoted jobs.

After canvassing trade professionals’ needs, Quikcore developed and delivered an industry first quick release system for core bits, that they claim will save you time and potentially extend your tool’s lifespan.

Quikcore’s revolutionary new design eliminates the need to hit spanners with a hammer when you’re trying to disconnect core bits from your drill or extension bar. Included in its new range of products is a waste removal knockout tool which means you no longer need to hit the core bits with a hammer and risk denting equipment when you’re removing unwanted material.

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Quality first
The company puts great emphasis on the use of quality materials, which is why Quikcore is manufactured from the finest grade of high tensile steel – it’s built to last in the most demanding environments.

Quikcore testing surpassed 250 N/m torque (core drills typically 80 N/m) and well over 200 holes back to back in concrete blocks, meaning only a few pence per job when buying the full kit. The quantity of core adaptors really depends on the number of core bits within the set (typically five).

The knockout tool is a one-off purchase while the drill adaptor will need two (one for the 1/2” male end of a core drill or SDS adaptor and one for the 1/2” male end of an extension bar). Once the drill adaptors and core adaptors are connected, the components remain, so you can fit and forget. Based on the build quality, cost and improved workflow efficiency, Quikcore is a must-have addition to a 21st-century tool kit.

To see for yourself how much easier core drilling really is using Quikcore, scan/click the QR code below and watch the instructional video on their website.

Quikcore is exclusively available from Bassetts in Northern Ireland. Live too far from a Bassetts branch? No problem – Bassetts’ helpful staff are happy to post on parcels. Just contact a branch closest to you to order, or call +44 (0)28 3839 5250.

• No more spanners
• Improves workflow efficiency
• Easy core waste removal
• Prevents threads from locking up