Time for a (colour) change with Saxby Lighting

With the demands of stylish kitchens and innovatively designed lights to complement modern décors on the rise, Saxby Lighting has launched two new products to accommodate the customer’s ever-growing lighting needs.

Using advanced LEDs and Colour Changing Technology (CCT), Saxby Lighting has extended the company’s range of Aqualine and Flexline LED strip kits to include a new CCT offering. These new kits give users full control of the brightness, effect and colour using the supplied remote control. Full colour control includes warm white (2900k), through to cool white (4500k) and to daylight white (6000k), allowing for an advanced white colour option, depending on the application, the mood and the environment. Boasting a high lumen output of up to 2,500 lumens, the Aqualine and Flexline kits are both energy efficient and cost effective at the same time, which is great for the wallet!

Flexible, adhesive and in a handy kit, these additions to the Flexline and Aqualine kit ranges give users even more choice and flexibility on colour, all within just the one fitting!

Luxury Modern Living Room

Saxby Lighting offers two options depending on the desired location. The Flexline is ideal for any indoor application where there is no moisture, for example bookshelves, kitchen cabinets or display units. The Aqualine has an IP44 rating making the range suitable for any area where contact with water, dirt and the sun is likely, for example bathroom mood lighting and even the outdoors; gardens and decking.

So easy to install, each kit contains everything required to create a great room transforming effect. Supplied with generous 5 metres of CCT LED strip, the kits can be cut to size using scissors at the marked points and simply plugged in with the supplied plug, making it time efficient as well as effortless.

The kits are recommended for any customer looking to create a modern effect and, at the same time, have full control. The strip can be well hidden and discreet, but once switched on will create a great lighting effect and mood lighting in any environment.

These ranges are part of the Saxby Lighting CCT range – to find out more about Saxby Lighting’s new products and other lighting ranges, visit the website at www.saxybylighting.com or download the free catalogue – www.saxbylighting.com/home/catalogue