3 is the magic number

Redesigned by Dublin-based firm, The Building Consultancy, earlier this year, the Customer Experience Room had to demonstrate to clients the services Three is capable of providing in an innovative, concept driven way.

Karl O’Donovan, Director at The Building Consultancy, worked on the project.

“We managed to create quite an animated room as opposed to something static. As there was an issue with echo in the room, we used panels from Ecophon and we specified LED strip lights on the top side of the panels to create a halo effect. We’re very happy with the end result.”

Connor O’Hare and Marc Barry from Premier Contracts designed and supplied the lighting installation, while Andrew Mac Loughlin from Phoenix Electrical installed the system that was ultimately specified.

Marc says that because the project was well planned out from the start, and the actual build only took approximately two-and-a-half weeks.

“That included fabrication of all parts and sourcing of systems as well,” he said. “We were working to drawings and had everything pre-planned and prefabricated so we were ready to go in and actually install it on time.”

The RGB lighting system that was specified, along with the baffles was a challenge.

“We needed to find a solution that worked because when RGB lights are a strip light, they’re very much a straight line,” added Marc. “They’d have maybe a 10-20 degree turning capability on them but we needed them to go a full 360 degrees around the circular baffles. The challenge was to source a product that would satisfy that requirement.”

The team at Premier Contracts spoke with Andrew O’Hare at CEF Ltd and Joseph Kumor at Lumeno Lighting in Galway who helped them plan out the actual lighting installation before it was designed and supplied.

“We didn’t want to use standard, off-the-shelf domestic RGB lights so we ended up getting the RGB strip control system from Lumeno in Galway. It’s an excellent system, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it or to use it again.

“Joseph from Lumeno was on hand at all times to answer any questions we had; he even answered the phone to me at 8pm in the evening. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Once the system was chosen, Andrew Mac Loughlin set about installing it.

“I’ve used the system once or twice before, it’s very straightforward. I’ve used quite a few LED strips over the years; this is definitely one of the most complex while at the same time one of the easiest to use.”

Andrew says a significant amount of work was required for the LED strips themselves as each one requires a cable to come back to one central point.

“It’s all controlled from one central point; you don’t have to link from one to the other, you can bring a separate cable back each time and control it all from one point. It’s very simple to use and really was the best option for the project.”


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