The Tegral Lighting treatment

Tegral completes 'out of this world' specialist lighting install at Planet Health gym in Dublin...

Planet Health gym in Palmerstown, Dublin.

Ensuring a gym has proper, suitable lighting is no easy task. The lights must be bright enough to keep the room bright, modern and clean looking but must not interfere with the activities going on below. Cross-trainers, treadmills and other equipment often have control panels and too-bright reflections from the luminaires can be incredibly disruptive to them.

That’s why when contractor H Shiels was working on a fit-out project for Planet Health gym in Palmerstown, Dublin, they collaborated with trusted lighting suppliers Electrical Supplies Ltd (E.S.L.) and Tegral Lighting to deliver the perfect lighting solutions to the project. The European based lighting manufacturer has operations in Germany, UK and Ireland, and its focus on manufacturing high quality and reliable lighting products, tailored to client specifications, made Tegral the obvious choice for lighting products on the specialist project.

The goal was to convert an old bowling alley in Palmerstown Dublin into a modern, stylish gym, with a difference. The building was a 20,000sq feet shell that had been lying idle for many years, and was a fantastic opportunity to show off the design capabilities of all involved. The objective laid out by the client was to design a lighting system that gave the gym a wow factor and set it apart from its competitors, as well as being energy efficient and safe for a gym environment. The proprietor of Planet Health, Tom Fitzgerald, wanted a lighting system in the main gym area that would give the impression of ‘floating lights’ which would fit in well with the modern, sleek aesthetic of the space.

This is where the Earth LED suspended circular panel, from Tegral, came in. With a slim profile, discrete appearance and excellent energy efficiency, this product is ideal for when aesthetics, functionality and design are as important as reliability, making it the perfect solution to meet Tom’s requirements. The changing facilities at the gym were also given the Tegral treatment and were fitted with Suspended Neptune Cans, modified with Opal diffuser and run at 15w to reduce glare and keep energy saving to a maximum.

The finished result is a fantastic new space for gym-goers in Dublin, that has come as the result of lots of excellent collaboration between sub-contractors and the hard work and successful and smooth installation which was designed, managed and signed off by the H. Shiels team within a very impressive 12-week timeframe.