The next generation of MFTs has arrived

Megger’s ground-breaking new MFT-X1 multifunction installation tester saves time; delivers fast, accurate, dependable results; and is use-upgradeable should regulations or standards change. It covers all test requirements for low-voltage electrical installations, including EV charge points and domestic photovoltaic systems. 

The MFT-X1 is designed for the electrical testing of single and 3-phase installations. Its range of test capabilities allows for general commissioning of installations and periodic maintenance, as well as detailed fault diagnostics. 

The first of its kind

The MFT-X1 introduces Megger’s first generation of platform-based, user-upgradeable MFTs, to add to the existing Megger MFT1700 range of multifunction testers.

Key innovations include True Loop™, Megger’s most advanced earth loop impedance measurement system. The latest 3-wire, non-trip loop testing technology, incorporated with the patented Confidence Meter™, offers an unmatched, reliable, accurate, stable and repeatable loop test solution to the user, allowing testing in the most hostile high- noise conditions or close to the source of supply. The technology also removes the risk of RCD uplift whilst reducing typical test times, even on circuits protected by 10 mA protective devices.

The new MFT offers user-configurable, auto-sequence RCD testing, automatic volt-drop calculation, stabilised IR test voltage output and – an industry first – a plug-in Li-ION battery module. The operator interface has also been totally redesigned.

The multifunction installation tester is suitable for both EV charger installation testing with either RCD Type B or RDC-protected charge points. In conjunction with the Megger EVCA adaptor, the MFT-X1 can test all known EV chargers for installation or maintenance.

The MFT-X1 is IP54-rated and has a large full-colour bonded display, which changes background colour according to the test being performed. Its enhanced Bluetooth™ connectivity is used for transferring results directly to CertSuite™ running on any iOS or Android mobile device, making certificate completion quick and easy.

In line with Megger’s commitment to achieving the highest levels of safety in its products, the new MFT-X1 has a CAT IV 300 V rating as specified in IEC 61010.


The wide range of the MFT-X1’s test capabilities includes:

• EV charge point testing

• Domestic PV testing

• Motor/generator testing

• Machine testing

• Portable appliance safety testing

• Panel building and switchgear manufacturing

• Cable testing


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