The new simple and intelligent smart lighting system from Opple Lighting

Exclusively available in Ireland through Fegime Ireland...

OPPLE Lighting has recently launched a new Bluetooth Smart Lighting System in Ireland, available exclusively through Fegime Ireland members.

This simple solution is perfect for retrofit and new installations, with a user- friendly, free mobile app that allows users to control their lighting using the free Opple Smart Lighting App with their smart phone or tablet.

The use of smart lighting in office environments can save a great deal of energy, but the associated installation and use are often complicated and expensive. Furthermore, a specialised installer is required in many cases. As a result, smart lighting is currently only used in relatively few applications. OPPLE has developed a completely new system to make the features and benefits of smart lighting available to everyone. OPPLE’s Smart Lighting system is characterised by extremely simple installation. The luminaries can be attached to the ceiling and connected to the power supply directly out of the box, followed by installation and set-up with OPPLE’s free Smart Lighting App (Android and iOS).

No extra wires, fittings, gateways, servers or controllers are required – everything is included in the LED driver in the luminaire and it communicates directly with your smartphone or tablet.

Anyone can use it – so there is no need for experts! OPPLE’s Smart Lighting products are fully compatible with Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet via a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) ‘mesh’ topology. The LED Slim Panel Performer, the LED Downlight Performer, a wireless motion detector and a wireless wall switch are the first products in this ‘smart’ family.

In addition, all these smart products can be controlled using OPPLE’s Smart Lighting App. The new OPPLE Smart Lighting system can reduce your energy bills by up to 60% compared to conventional lighting systems.

Very short payback times can be achieved (1 year) thanks to the competitive price and ease of installation. Furthermore, OPPLE’s Smart Lighting system allows you to program specific scenes for different rooms.

Switch to OPPLE’s Smart Lighting system today, cut your bills straight away and experience the benefits of modern smart lighting at first hand!

OPPLE’s new Bluetooth Smart Lighting System is available in Ireland exclusively through Fegime Ireland members.

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