The benefits of IEBG membership

When did you become a member of the IEBG?
Peter Curran Electric Ltd joined the Group about 12 years ago. Looking back, it was the right decision to make at the right time.

What are the benefits of being part of the Group?
There are several benefits. As an independent wholesaler trading on our own, being part of a wider group of like-minded independent wholesalers has increased our purchasing power. We’re able to offer our customers a more diverse, wider range of products and because of that, we enjoy a high level of repeat business. Members of the Group are able to combine their purchasing power to secure the best deals from suppliers. There’s definitely strength in numbers.

What about the networking aspect of being a member of the IEBG?
Yes, it’s great to have access to a network of serious, like-minded business people. All IEBG members are independent wholesalers, they operate their business in their own part of the country so it’s helpful to be able to get together or even pick up the phone and talk about the latest market trends or products. Thanks to the Group’s increased purchasing power, we find that suppliers are very clued into our needs.

How’s business at the moment?
We’re very busy. I’ve definitely noticed a pick-up in the industry over the past couple of years. We have eight vans on the road at any one time so we feel the sector is definitely on the rise. For the most part, our customer base is made up of electrical contractors but we also service the local industry. We also have a retail lighting shop which is popular with the public.