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Neil Batt, simPRO Business Development Manager, explains how SimPRO’s job management software will keep your workflow on track...

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Your electrical business has a lot of moving parts. From scheduling and dispatching to collecting payments and running reports, managing workflows efficiently is the key to keeping customers happy and growing your business. So how do you keep track of it all?

Manual processes and slow communication between office and field wastes valuable time and money while increasing the likelihood of errors. Thankfully, there is a better way. You can take control of your processes with cloud-based job management software like simPRO. Designed by electricians for electricians and other field service businesses, simPRO gives you full visibility of your business, streamlines processes and enhances efficiency.

Four ways simPRO can help you improve job management:
1. Simple scheduling Know where your staff is, at all times, without spreadsheets, whiteboards and disparate systems. With simPRO, you can choose from a variety of scheduling options so you can schedule the right engineer for the job, every time.

2. Improved job costing Easily track materials, labour, subcontractors, equipment, overhead costs and change orders. Using cloud-based software gives you the capability to access live updates of profitability, keep financials organised and connect every part of the job management process.

3. Seamless job tracking Get full visibility and track jobs from start to finish with simPRO in the office and the simPRO Mobile app in the field. simPRO Mobile provides field staff with the capability to create jobs, track time, record job details, generate quotes, process payments and capture photos while onsite. Information captured in the field and in the office flows seamlessly with two-way sync and real-time updates.

4. Intelligent reporting Uncover the most profitable parts of your business with simPRO’s reporting features. Using data collected on a day-to-day basis, simPRO collates the information you need, with the click of a button. Optimise your workforce with a Job Productivity report, streamline sales processes with Sales Invoice reports and manage your financial performance with Profit and Loss reports.

We’re growing so you can too!
simPRO is a global company gearing up for another successful year with a focus on growing business in Ireland. We’ve on boarded an experienced team of locally-based Business Development Managers, a Partner Manager and Implementation Consultants to help you trade up with simPRO.

Author: Neil Batt, simPRO Business Development Manager
Neil recently joined simPRO in Dublin bringing with him a wealth of knowledge from various industries including media, training and technology. Neil is passionate about helping businesses overcome the challenges faced while scaling their business.

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