Affordable, state of the art Bluetooth music system from Systemline

Systemline, Europe’s leading manufacturer of installed music systems, has launched E50, a highly affordable built-in Bluetooth music system that allows more music lovers than ever to embrace superior sound fitted into the home.

The stylish E50 incorporates an innovative wall-mounted control and amplifier panel, as well as a pair of high-performance 6.5” ceiling-mounted speakers from the award-winning Q Acoustics.

Ensuring that you can have a fully-fitted music system from Systemline without breaking the bank, this single-room solution fits perfectly within any open-plan living space, kitchen or bedroom. The integrated Bluetooth technology allows you to effortlessly play music stored on your smartphone, tablet or laptop through high-performance speakers. You can also use the E50 to listen to favourite tracks from online streaming sites such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music or Google Play. Meanwhile, the E50 also seamlessly connects with television sound, so you can experience high quality audio whilst enjoying favourite shows or movies.

The sleek control panel boasts the wow factor – a touch-sensitive keypad and an innovative motion detector that allows you to adjust the volume by rotating a finger clockwise or anticlockwise in front of the sensor.

Jonathan Bennett, Marketing Director at Systemline, said, “E50 is both smart and stylish, and will become the focal point of any room. The look, feel and functionality of the wall panel will impress family and friends during parties. The ability to crank up or turn down the volume without actually touching the control panel is a fantastic innovation, which particularly benefits those messy wannabe chefs that want to listen to their favourite tunes whilst preparing dinner.”

E50 has been expertly designed so that it is easy to install in any room without major disruption. The control panel simply fits within a double-gang back box and can be fitted by an experienced DIYer or a professional installer or electrician.

Jonathan Bennett added, “Our ambition was to design a cost-effective, single-room audio solution that boasts the functionality to satisfy the millions of consumers that buy music digitally or utilise streaming services. The result is a highly affordable and sophisticated product that produces superior sound, whilst also reducing the ‘clutter’ associated with a standard stereo system.”

Enabling professional electricians and electrical installers to add value to any installation, the E50 is easy to install and simple to use.

The first impression of an installed E50 is one of gloss-black elegance, but it doesn’t just stop there. This is because not only does E50 feature touch-sensitive control but also contactless hand-gesture operation. This is particularly useful in locations such as kitchens, where not having to touch a panel whilst kneading the pizza dough is of obvious practical benefit.

E50 is a pleasure to use, because it is so easy and features a number of important benefits over standalone Bluetooth speakers:

• No clutter – E50 is built into the wall or kitchen cabinet.

• Touch-sensitive panel and contactless gesture control.

• Built-in Bluetooth audio receiver – facilitating robust wireless music streaming from any suitably equipped smartphone, tablet or laptop.

• Superb sound quality with superior stereo sound stage delivered from separate left and right installed ceiling speakers.

• Direct line input: There is an easily accessible front panel mounted jack socket.

• TV sound connection.

• Elegant design with an attractive gloss black finish.

• Wipe clean – not a dust and grime collector.

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