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Those electrical contractors who are able to easily take on the role of a lighting advisor could see more work being given to them by customers who would have otherwise hired an expensive landscaper. Investing time in gaining an understanding about outdoor lighting options and current trends – helping to guide home-owners who are seeking out hints, tips and lighting- related recommendations – could see contractors increase project spend and referrals.

Here, Shyel Stark from Luceco, gives electrical contractors tips – and products – to help that start that conversation with customers.

  1. Luceco’s exterior decorative garden spike light has an adjustable head for up lighting and spot lighting and can help to direct users through garden pathways, as well as creating a different atmosphere at night time.
  2. The Fixed stainless steel GU10 wall light is stylish and unobtrusive in the garden. Always point lights away from the general line of sight and use solutions such as glare cowls and louvres on spotlights
  3. Rather than picking several elements to illuminate at night, try choosing one feature, for example a tree or pathway, to guide people in the garden. The Solar Guardian wall lantern can be fitted in areas without mains electricity to ensure that lighting can be installed where needed rather than where the electricity supply is.

Gone are the days when the only available solar light are ones that would only last a few weeks before fading away into darkness. With the advances in technology and Luceco’s ongoing product development, functional solar lighting like the Luceco Solar Guardian range are fast becoming a top seller.

Many electrical contractors are now offering a solution to outdoor lighting requests by purchasing solar as an upsell at the end of their installations, to help home and building owners light areas that would have previously required a lot of effort to run cable around and maintain weather protection seals. As summer draws closer and home-owners in Ireland start to focus on outdoor living spaces, the warmer nights bring with them the perfect opportunity for electrical contractors to recommend more sophisticated yet affordable outdoor lighting solutions to their customers.

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