Subtle lighting changes at home can make all the difference

Lighting really can transform the look and feel of a house, and it is important to use it in such a way that it creates a pleasant atmosphere during the day and at night.

With homeowners paying more attention to the way spaces make them feel, they are seeking out solutions that are sympathetic to their needs as well as offering great functionality. 

With this in mind, xcite has seen a growing trend for hidden lighting. It is a simple, but sure-fire solution to bring ambience and practicality into any space. 

LED strip lighting has become increasingly popular. Coupled with a main light source such as downlights, not only does it offer the required level of lighting, but it can also be used to create a dramatic, subtle, or relaxing atmosphere depending on the function of the room. 

When combined with colour-changing capabilities and user-friendly controls, homeowners can adapt their lighting at any given time. For example, it can be set to a mode that provides a brighter colour temperature of up to 6000K. This crisp and invigorating lighting is reminiscent of natural daylight and therefore highly supportive of home working.  The lighting can then be reduced to a warm white colour of around 3000K to create a cosy, relaxing and inviting atmosphere in the evening. 

With increasing awareness of the impact light can have on our well-being and mood, updating lighting is a worthy endeavour and the perfect place to make positive changes in the home. 

xcite provides the trade with a simple and easy route to completing any domestic or commercial lighting installation, with a product library filled with solutions that suit almost any project. 

What makes things even easier is the NEW xcite website, now live to guide you straightforwardly through the entire product offering. Extra tools are available via the xcite LUXCalc – an easy-to-use online tool for installers and end users. 

Whilst the xcite Technical Team can provide full lighting and energy-saving designs using RELUX design software, the LUXCalc provides a quick guide to quantities required across a wide range of applications and products – for both energy-saving and lighting designs.

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