Smart lighting ideal for multi-purpose dining rooms

Aurora’s smart surroundings make every dining event an experience…

Designed with the installer in mind, Aurora’s AOne smart lighting system offers your clients an ideal solution when they need to create different moods in a multi-purpose room. For example, dining rooms may double up as a games room or a revision area for teenagers as well as being a place to eat with family and friends.

Aurora’s AOne is an affordable system with a vast range of lighting, control, power and sensing products that can transform spaces by creating a variety of moods and scenes through different lighting and control options.

Fixtures and chandeliers over the table is where the general tone can be set. Smart LED lamps, candles or even LED filament lamps, which can include cool, warm whites or RGB colour technology, could be used inside any traditional, modern or extravagant fixture.

The beauty of having smart lighting in these fixtures gives homeowners the opportunity to decide on the type of lighting they want depending on the event held. They can control the tone, brightness and colour at the touch of a button.

By simply installing an AOne hub, homeowners can use the wireless Kinetic Switch – which can be fitted anywhere – the remote, voice control options or mobile phone to transform their spaces.

To discuss a project contact Des Duignan, Aurora’s Director of Sales & Projects in Ireland & N. Ireland.

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