Smart lighting for the kitchen

Aurora's AOne smart lighting system provides a wide range of options for home modernisation...

Aurora smart lighting for the kitchen.

Are you currently being asked to advise on lighting for a new kitchen? Are you looking at some downlights or perhaps an LED strip? If customers really want to modernise their kitchen and would like to create different moods to accommodate different times and events, smart lighting is an excellent option that can really achieve this – and it doesn’t have to break the bank! Aurora’s AOne is an affordable smart lighting system with a vast range of lighting, control, power and sensing products that can transform living spaces by creating a variety of moods and scenes through different lighting and control options.

What are the benefits?
Does your customer come home every day when it’s going to be dark? If so, they could schedule their lights to come on at that time of day and customise them to their taste. Do they have a dining table that they want different lighting around from the rest of the kitchen? The AOne Strip Controller enables strip colours to change in different areas of the room, creating different scenes. It can be controlled using the AOne remote or Voice Control and used to create the desired ambience, rather than walking to the wall switch. What if they want the lights to automatically come on when entering the kitchen? The AOne PIR Sensor and Door/Window Sensors are perfect for automated lighting.

Whatever the client wants to achieve in their kitchen, the benefits of Aurora’s AOne are endless.

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