Smart home control with Lutron RA2 Select

Now available from AJ Hurst, this wireless lighting and blind control system gives home-owners comfort, convenience and control with ability to personalise lighting scenarios via an intuitive app

The latest smart home controls from Lutron Electronics are now available from AJ Hurst. RA2 Select from lighting control pioneer, Lutron Electronics, is a whole-home lighting and shading control system designed to meet the needs of any residential property.

The new system is configured by default and easily personalised by the home-owner. Recommended lighting and shading scenes are automatically created as each device is added to the system, improving speed of installation and ease of use. The simple, fast and flexible system provides smart home capabilities, personalised control and added convenience for the home-owner. A free app allows users to monitor and adjust lights and blinds on their smart device wherever they are, offering complete control.

RA2 Select also seamlessly integrates with other smart home technologies bringing added simplicity to the smart home, including Amazon Alexa, Apple® HomeKitTM, The Google® Assistant, Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostats, Nest and Sonos. “Modern technologies such as voice assistants, alongside our growing comfort using wireless products, have increased demand for fully integrated solutions,” said David Ribbons, Senior Director of Sales, Europe & Africa at Lutron. “Early smart home devices were aimed at entertainment, but now control of comfort and environment are following closely behind.

“Lutron has served the luxury market for smart connected homes for 20 years and we’re excited to bring that same level of quality and reliability to a wider audience.” David continued,

“RA2 Select puts total control in the hands of the end-user – allowing them to manage and personalise their system in any way. This makes it an ideal solution for home- owners who want the benefits of a professionally installed smart home system, but also the flexibility and power to make their own changes via the app.”

The wireless system makes it ideal for retrofit applications and can save costs in new construction. The only wiring required for RA2 Select is the in-line dimmers and switches. The Main Repeater is simply plugged in to a wall socket for power and connected to the home network for integration. Auxiliary repeaters can be added to extend the range of the system for large homes. All wall switches, dimmers and sensors are wireless and do not require any intrusive work. This means decorating can be finished before the wireless switches are fitted. For any existing switches, the wired switch is removed, existing cables terminated in the backbox and the Pico faceplate is installed in its place.

Setup of RA2 Select is as easy as downloading the Lutron RA2 Select app, which is available in both Apple and Android app stores. Personalising the scenes is simple and can be done any time by the installer or the home-owner.

RA2 Select lets the user control lighting and blinds on their smartphone or tablet using the free Lutron RA2 Select app. This means home-owners can control lights, blinds and temperature in the comfort of their home or from anywhere in the world. RA2 Select also includes functions such as scheduling, arriving/leaving home and smart away (which gives the impression a home is occupied).

Finally, Lutron’s patented Clear Connect wireless technology sets the bar for reliability, which means the system can be trusted to work with precision and accuracy, free from interference with other frequency bands, every time it’s used. Wi-Fi does not affect the system’s performance – if there is an internet outage, only the app and smart device will stop working.

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