simPRO business expansion supports local growth

simPRO puts more boots on the ground in Ireland...

simPRO’s cloud-based software enables you to centralise your data and access it from anywhere.

Field service management software provider, simPRO, has expanded its reach in Ireland to help local businesses prepare for upcoming industry growth and future success. simPRO’s expansion in Ireland ensures local businesses can implement the cloud-based solution as well as benefit from local knowledge and expertise. 

UK & Ireland Head of Sales, Simon Tushingham Jones said the global company recognised the potential to help Irish field service businesses prepare for growth and set them up for ongoing success with a dedicated local team. “simPRO enables businesses to access information from anywhere and at any time. It’s a software solution businesses in Ireland could really benefit from at the moment as they prepare for the future,” Simon said.

The expansion comes two years after simPRO first put boots on the ground in Ireland. A year later, at the height of the pandemic, simPRO expanded the team which now consists of two Business Development Managers, a Partner Manager and an Implementation Consultant. 

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Dublin-based Business Development Manager, Neil Batt, joined simPRO in December and has hit the ground running, working hard to support businesses to invest in their future success. 

“While there is apprehension in the marketplace currently, it is also the perfect time to invest in software to help your business when the industry bounces back,” Neil said. 

“There will be a positive change in the industry – we’re already seeing movement in infrastructure investment and that will only improve over time.”

This sentiment is shared across the country. simPRO Business Development Manager, Stephen Goodall, based in Belfast, believes there’s a lot of positivity in the market. 

“Last year, business owners had no idea what was going to happen,” he said. 

“They didn’t know if they would get paid for work or even if their business was going to survive.

“However, this year, conversations are changing. Business owners are now looking for what they can do to get ready when we come out of the pandemic.”

While the current climate may make it difficult to carry on with business as normal, this time does provide field service businesses with a unique opportunity to review their current processes. It’s a time when businesses can create efficiency and ensure they have everything in place for changes in the market going forward. 

Prepare for future growth with these tips:

(1) Centralise your business data 
Do you feel like you are constantly working in chaos? Is it difficult to find important information when you need it? As you prepare for the future, it is important to have all your critical business data organised and ready. Implementing a cloud-based software in your business enables you to centralise your data and securely access it from anywhere. You’ll also gain better control over costs, customer information, inventory management and more. 

(2) Understand every moving part of your business 
Do you know where you are making and losing money? Being able to see every moving part of your business from initial customer contact through to final payment is pivotal for future growth. It’s only by looking at a business as a whole, including all your workflows – service, maintenance and project – that you are able to understand potential inefficiencies. Field service management software gives you the capability to investigate how to increase the productivity of your workforce, streamline your payment process and improve communication from the field to the office. 

(3) Ensure you have the data to support your decisions 

Do you have the capability to quickly source data and make decisions? In the current climate, it pays to be agile. With accurate and easily accessible data, your business can make timely decisions and adapt to changing industry needs. End-to-end software collects data from all your workflows and enables you to run comprehensive reports so you can get the answers you need, when you need them most. 

(4) Take advantage of flexibility 
Do you have the flexibility to increase or decrease the amount you spend on software? In times of industry fluctuations, it is important to have control over expenses. By implementing a flexible solution you can adapt your software to your changing business needs. With a licencing structure like simPRO’s you can feel comfortable knowing you can add more licences as you gear up for growth. 

With a solution for every workflow, simPRO is enabling thousands of field service businesses around the world to manage operations effectively and efficiently throughout the changing climate. 

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