Simple steps to smart lighting

Des Duignan, Sales & Projects Director, explains why contractors should be looking at the simplicity of installing the Aonetm - powered by GOOEE® - smart lighting platform...

When we think of lighting control systems, expensive, time consuming and complicated installations come to mind. But smart lighting needn’t be hard to understand or to install.

Contractors who are looking to propose or set up a smart lighting system perfect for residential and light commercial applications, that is easy to install, offers several benefits from scheduling and grouping to remote management, and is extremely cost effective can direct their customers to the AOne system.

The AOne offers individual smart device control, as well as circuit control using existing luminaires. It brings additional functionality such as dimming control, creating a ‘space’, setting a schedule in a dimmed state such as ‘7am lights on at 20%’, and controlling lights while off premises for security. With the AOne, smart devices can still be controlled offline in the event of your internet connection going down – a great feature over some others!

Controllable through a free IOS or Android app on a mobile device, it is one of the most simple, smart, and cost effective solutions out there.

Aurora’s 4 Simple Steps are part of the company’s free AOne Smart Installer Training programme taking place across the country. This will show electricians and installers exactly how a Aurora Smart Lighting system works and how it can be installed in 4 simple steps. you’ll gain all the necessary info to become an expert smart lighting installer.

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