Series of new launches for Rolec

Innovations from Rolec perfectly timed to service rise in EV demand...

EV Charge HomeStart charger.

With research from USwitch suggesting that 12 million drivers are considering purchasing an electric vehicle (EV); the government announcing extra £12 million funding towards charging technologies and a vast number of drivers making the pledge to switch to an EV during the inaugural World EV Day, new innovative launches for Rolec have come at the right time.

EV OpenCharge range

As the entire globe starts to transition to electrified vehicles, the EV OpenCharge range brings both charge point operators and businesses increased flexibility and greater freedoms across the world.

With its OCPP compatibility, the range of AC Fast and DC Rapid smart chargers are able to connect to any back office management system, including EV Charge Online. Complete with pay-to-charge (via mobile phone) and authorise-to-charge (via RFID card/fob) functionalities, the charge point operator is able to completely control how their chargepoint/s are operated. With flexible pricing models, businesses are also able to offer electric vehicle charging to their visitors and employees at a fee (or not, if they choose to offer free charging).

For businesses, the EV OpenCharge range not only enables businesses to generate additional revenue via tariff based charging, but it also offers a simple solution for the future of electric vehicle charging.

The range introduces significant benefits, particularly with the chargepoint management dashboard as businesses are able to understand and digest historical, real time and analytical data. Remote over the air firmware updates also creates substantial cost savings and time, allowing seamless upgrades without the need for engineers to visit business premises.

O-PEN:EV consumer unit

With EV ownership increasing, the requirement for home charging is becoming prevalent for drivers who require convenient charging at the comfort of their own homes. The launch of the O-PEN:EV consumer unit provides a safe and compliant alternative to an earth electrode/rod when installing a domestic electric vehicle charge point.

This alternative simplifies charge point installation and provides significant benefits for electrical installers/ contractors, for example: streamlines EV charge point connection; saves time during site survey; removes risk of striking underground services and decreases the requirement for costly labour, construction and maintenance.

A new and modern website

Amongst the product developments, Rolec have also launched a brand new website, dedicated to its three divisions; EV charging, Marina and Caravan Hook-Ups, providing a simple and straightforward design as well as enhanced aesthetics and navigation capabilities. For electrical contractors and installers, viewing the product ranges and learning about how to become a Rolec Approved Installer couldn’t be easier.

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